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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Children's English Centre, Hong Kong

There's a couple of interesting coments in the "nominate a school for blacklisting section" reprinted here. Anyone like to add to any comments? The Inspector is always a tad bilious when faced with a plate of chop suey and has yet to venture to Hong Kong. Rumour has it that they have an invountary organ donor scheme in place for those that transgress and therefore as one of life's great transgressors I prefer to hang on to my bodily parts and have so far kept well clear of the place.

Comment 1.
CHILDREN'S ENGLISH CENTRE HONG KONG - stay well clear of this place. The director of the school Clare doesn't even have a degree or qualification in education. She has a severe attitude problem and thinks far too highly of herself, when in actual fact she is quite an offensive human being. Classing her as human is controversial! Her muppet skivvy Charlie is equally as vile and basically they manage to upset and annoy all who work there. There annual turnover of staff speaks for itself! You did get paid on time, but by check because BACS cost an extra £1 a month to process, that is how tight they are! Honestly i would advise against going to work for them completely. There are some great schools in Hong Kong, so do your research first. Hong Kong is a brilliant place to live and work and I would definitely recommend it, just not with these farmyard animals.

Comment 2,
Children's English Centre. Whoever wrote the previous comment on CEC were absolutely correct and even slightly kind I'd say. I worked for them and they had a 100% turn over of staff. Some of us took less pay just so that we wouldn't have to look at those two anymore. There were numerous complaints about them on Daves ESL cafe website but they were removed. They are the worst employers I've ever had. Charlie the 'muppet skivvy' was so smarmy and utterly two faced. Claire on the other hand was absolute poison and you'd feel on edge opening your mouth in their crappy little office. They made me cry a few times! I'm glad I had the experience because I'll never let that happen to me again but it took me a good year to stop feeling angry at them. Pure and utter poison. Don't even go there on the apartments for teachers, nearer China than Hong Kong island. Just don't bother with them.

Inspector McHammered of the Lard in Val Ferret, Switzerland

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The British Schools, Italy

The British Schools suffer to a lesser extent from the same problem as The British Institutes. Each must be taken on its own merit as standards differ so widely. The Inspector has received reports of the following schools in the group which should be avoided at all costs. Do however remember that some schools in this chain are fantastic, whilst others are the absolute pits but be careful not to tar all the British Schools with the same brush - just be ultra-careful if a school is blacklisted here.
If any school does not deserve to be here please let the Inspector know.

The British School of Avellino
The British School of Caserta
The British School of Livorno
The British School of Lucca
The British School of La Maddelena
The British School of Maglie
The British School of Pavia
The British School of Pisa
The British School of Potenza
The British School of Roma
The British School of Rome
The British School of Vercelli
The British School of Verona

Inspector McHammered of the Lard in Val Ferret, Switzerland

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