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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The TEFL Market has Bottomed Out

Disgusting! I'm sure that is what you are thinking. What on Earth is Inpector Mchammered of the Lard thinking of and to what depths has he now descended to publish such a photo?? Calm down dear readers. This is the first authentic sighting of SandyM, that well known TEFL benefactor, perhaps taken from a strange angle, but nevertheless, he was caught on camera whilst caning a DOS.

I apologise for the offence this image might cause to "shocked of Worthing" but as this is such a rare sighting I feel it my duty to expose the blighter for the shameless bounder that he is.

A complaint has beeen received that a more dashing pair of buttocks has been censored. My granny objected so I leave you, the readers and undoubted connoisseurs of what actually elevates your ordinary buttock to star buttock status, to be the judges by clicking on the section "A Poem to a Colleague" here. No raspberries please, though I would advise the model in question to get his lawnmower out of the shed a little earlier this spring as it could be put to other uses.

Inspector McHammered of the Lard

The Hunt is On!

"Yes, remember that name - Malvern House College? Well, I reckon that Inspector McHammered of the Lard should get on to this family of enterprising Tefl tsars right away, and let us know the full story. We need to know just what the Malhotra buggers are up to now! Are you listening out there, Inspector?!"

So writes that eminent scholar and renowned connoiseur of Yak's milk. The Inspector is unsure whether the reference is to Malvern House College referred to below or that old perennial chestnut Abbey College Malvern, a favourite amongst his readers. Not to bother, let's take a quick peek at Malvern House College first. The posting on Abbey College Malvern can be found here.

The Inspector has been studiously shortlisting the entries for the OSCAR's 2007 but is never one to shirk from his responsibilities. He is concerned that the Headmaster has jumped bail and hopes deeply that one day the Headmaster will expose himself again (not a pretty sight!) but is willing to lay down his quill, reach for his Yak and trek off into the mountains (or rather the Malverns) in search of a good well-renowned and old fashioned baddy.

The picture above is of lovable young Marcos of
Malvern House College, clearly a native speaker and able to help you speak English with an authentic Spanish accent. Of undoubted use in Madrid taxis and all parts south of Dover (say Baghdad), where an English accent might result in your holiday being unexpectedly cut short.

The Inspector is seriously considering proposing a Euro-English TEFL course in partnership with HM Government for those security conscious expats who wish to speak euro-patois, in order to disguise their English roots and in accordance with true EU tradition mumble incoherent nonsense with a view to retiring on index linked inflated pensions.

Inspector McHammered of the Lard