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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The TEFL Market has Bottomed Out

Disgusting! I'm sure that is what you are thinking. What on Earth is Inpector Mchammered of the Lard thinking of and to what depths has he now descended to publish such a photo?? Calm down dear readers. This is the first authentic sighting of SandyM, that well known TEFL benefactor, perhaps taken from a strange angle, but nevertheless, he was caught on camera whilst caning a DOS.

I apologise for the offence this image might cause to "shocked of Worthing" but as this is such a rare sighting I feel it my duty to expose the blighter for the shameless bounder that he is.

A complaint has beeen received that a more dashing pair of buttocks has been censored. My granny objected so I leave you, the readers and undoubted connoisseurs of what actually elevates your ordinary buttock to star buttock status, to be the judges by clicking on the section "A Poem to a Colleague" here. No raspberries please, though I would advise the model in question to get his lawnmower out of the shed a little earlier this spring as it could be put to other uses.

Inspector McHammered of the Lard


Anonymous said...

Who changed the photo? The hairy buttocks were MUCH better!!

Inspector Mchammered of the Lard said...

Granny objected. In deference to her fine taste she said that only Michelangelo's David's would do. I personally loved them. For those who wish to see the original SandyM buttocks without (h)airbrushing. I have posted a link on the main post. Apologies for any offence caused. The Inspector does like to keep the site clean and wholesome for the younger TEFLers [sic].

Anonymous said...

I am far more likely to lose my lunch looking at young Marco's face than Sandy's hairy buttocks. Maybe I have been Tefling too long.

Anonymous said...

Hey - that's just the sort of teacher we need at Windsor TEFL Torturers! Please give me all the contact details. And what size whip does he/she prefer??