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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Ian Holden, Saxoncourt Recruitment (Director)

A posting on the Saxoncourt Recruitment entry* confirms what the Inspector's suspicious mind had already suspected. The unthinkable had happened. I'd nailed a sprat instead of a Prat. Apologies to Paul Mitchell as he is only a bit fishy and welcome to Ian Holden who I now know for certain is the real culprit and a genuine 100% man-eating (why not woman-eating? perhaps the ladies aren't interested) TEFL shark. Enough confirmations have been received through diplomatic channels and, shall we just say, eerhm not so diplomatic channels, for positive ID to be made. Paul Mitchell's smarmy grin will be replaced by Paul Douglas' and the big Prat of them all Ian Holden is now named and shamed and where he belongs - on the good or rather bad old TEFL Blacklist. Thanks to the many undercover detectives burrowing busily and discreetly away in the underwold that is misleadlingly known as TEFL.
Does anyone have a picture of Shrek (sorry Shane) that can be uploaded somewhere discreetly as I'm sure he'd like a mention. Oh and one of Paul Douglas is now urgently required.

* The anonymous posting may actually be from Paul Mitchell himself, but who cares "truth will out".

Inspector McHammered of the Lard


Anonymous said...

Mmmmm. Would love to give ecstasy to Holden--and buy him a bunch of drinks too...


BC said...

Just wondering - with all this wonderful blacklisting going on - and thank you for bringing these twats to the attention of the masses...

Could you list a few online/distant learning TEFL web sites that are worth applying to?

I am currently in my last year of univeristy, and so an online would be ideal.

Jamieson said...

You wanna watch that 'Shaggy'! One false move and he'll be up and in-between you before you can say "What's a nice bloke like you ..."

The TEFL Blacklister said...

I'll have to put dear old Granny in touch with Shaggy. Looks like he could be given a joint spanking session with the Headmaster.
I could also invite "shane in the arse" if someone would let the Inspector have a photo.