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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Daily Update - The Good The Bad and The Ugly

A quick preview, for all you armchair TEFL bloggers, of the latest developments on the site:

1. Some interesting links etc. on The Berlitz Japan post.

2. The Mother of all Battles is erupting on The Cicero Languages International post. Mr Christopher Hills has charged in like a bull in a china shop and has evidently decided not to praise your beloved inspector but to bury him (apologies to William Shakespeare). Teachers are being lined up and asked or ordered to write about what an absolutely delightful place it is but still no sign of Mr Paul Mason or the dodgy DOS. Collective amnesia seems to have afflicted the place. This interesting remedy might be of help.

3. The Wikipedia article warning teachers about Dave's Dollar Cafe has indeed been pulled. What a surprise! The original has been safely preserved for posterity on this site.

4. I've had a few postings from language schools asking for my e-mail address. This is worrying news indeed! I hadn't realised that there were quite so many cretins around. I would like to thank all those (undoubted admirers) for their invitations to pop in for a quick cup of tea and who want to get to know the Inspector better, but I must sadly inform you that, flattered as I am, the Inspector is too busy these days rooting out dodgy TEFL schools. I would strongly advise such people to take up Philately, for example, which is a nice, quiet and harmless hobby instead of your usual obsession with Notaphily. More importantly do get your IQ checked as soon as possible at . If you are disappointed by the low score, don't worry. There is now a revolutionary new method which will boost your IQ . I would however advise you to try holding your breath for ten minutes at a time as the consequences could bring real benefits to the world of TEFL and will change your life!

5. Please note that profanity, abuse, or anything you wouldn't be comfortable with your grandmother reading, will be instantly binned on the spot. This advice is particularly, but not exclusively, directed at the enormous fanclub* of Mr Paul Mitchell (of Saxoncourt Recruitment and Shane English Schools). Please don't waste your time and mine.
*At the last count there was one member.

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Inspector McHammered of the Lard

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