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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Inlingua Naples, Italy

To get the ball going I'll throw a few schools to the wolves.
I've read so much negative stuff about this place over the years I'm sure some of the more experienced battle scarred veterans of the TEFL world can enlighten the readers of this blog as to what the reality of the place is like. I personally have never read a single good word written about the place. Anyone care to enlighten us?

Inspector McHammered of the Lard


Anonymous said...

This is unfair given that you've only 'heard' such things. It's also untrue, and I can say this given that I work there and have only been treated well...

Anonymous said...

As Macbeth said -
To "hearing" as to sight? or art thou but
A dagger of the mind, A FALSE CREATION
Proceeding from the heat-oppressed brain?

Please get your facts straight "Mchammered of the Lard"

Anonymous said...

"Lard" as in BACON in French???

Anonymous said...

Whilst there is clearly a need for independent and critical appraisal of the TEFL industry, the problem with unsubstantiated blacklist entries is that they will generally compound the problem. One of the difficulties that this school has lies in overcoming poor reviews from the past (current staff are often asked to shoulder high teaching loads because the poor reviews affect recruitment; these staff get fed up of overwork; thus the cycle continues). I can't speak for the past: I've been teaching here for two months. I'm not looking to curry favour with my employer - I may well not stay in Naples or in Italy beyond the end of my current contract (July). I speak only as to the situation at this moment, and I will say only what is positive.

If you are any good at teaching, there'll be lots of work; the Inlingua method is not perfect (do you know a method that is?), but the comprehensive treatment in the books reduces planning to near-zero; class sizes are to die for (one-to-one to one-to-six); the Director of Studies genuinely cares about the school's reputation, and breaks her back to try to keep everyone happy, including finding excellent accommodation for the school's new arrivals; my training was comprehensive; generous cash advances are given whenever necessary; the school has smart premises, and recently benefitted from significant (and expensive) renovation.

Naples is a stunning city, especially if you like a place with some sweat under its arms. Its people are awesome - very strong and yet very kind. Once they know you, and if they like you, there's nothing they won't do for you.

Italy has laboured long under the burden of corrupt politicians. The country has endemic business practices which reflect a lack of faith in the state, and which may seem "dodgy" when viewed through British eyes (and how would you describe British involvement in Iraq?). As someone who tries to demonstrate integrity in everything he does, this sometimes gets me down. But the compensations in being in such a great city, and working for an essentially very good school which is striving for excellence, mean that I can't wait for another day at work, even after a shite one. How many other TEFL teachers can say that?

Anonymous said...

I worked at this school earlier this year and I have to say without doubt in my mind this was a terrible experience. Don't get me wrong, overall I had a good experience but the school did nothing to enhance this. They make you work awkward hours, the DOS is just used to entice new native speakers over to Italy and then once there she does very little for you (having said this she does seem to be a nice person!) and the room I was found was far from desirable. I in particular had a terrible time table and in the end could no longer afford to stay there any longer as I just wasn't breaking even. The school offers no help in the form of Itallian lessons and fails to encourage any form of socialising amongst the teachers. If considering working here I would strongly advise you not to. They try to make you work in company which often results in long travelling times at no extra money for yourself. Once you are there the school sees you as a commodity rather than a teacher.

garyrobert said...

I have to agree with the blogmeister, Inlingua is a pretty terrible place and i would recommend it to anyone. I survived 3 weeks before finally realising that they truely do not give a shit about you or teaching and that your sole purpose is to make them money. I had a great time as it was so comically italian and the other teachers there were great. we could only but laugh at the farce around us. though if you can stand all the bullshit naples is a wonderful city and neopolitans can be a joy to teach.