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Thursday, February 22, 2007

International House Kuala Lumpur

International House Kuala Lumpur.

The whole place is an utter shambles with awful pay, pathetic holidays, 6 day weeks, a corrupt owner and what must be the biggest turnover in staff anywhere. Still, IH London don't mind...they get the affiliation money and can say they are in Malaysia!

Inspector McHammered of the Lard


Anonymous said...

Beware of this place. It is an insult to the EFL / TEFL industry and anyone who gets tricked into working here. I worked here for 6 months which was too long. The owner treats his staff so badly, they have a constant turn-over of teachers. You are promised the world before you come, and experience nothing but trickery while you are there. It is based at 'Limkokwing' University which is run by a man who has made his mark in society by exploiting the Malaysian people who work for him. He is totally unconcerned for his staff and is the current owner of IH. The school meets none of the standards set by IH International, who don't seem to care an ounce! The salary is incredibly low, and the owner of the school has his Malaysian staff working till all hours and thus IH staff appear to be lazy if they refuse to work overtime. He has no understanding of the term 'Work Smart' and therefore what is expected of an IH School is way below reached and you have teachers waisting time and money trying to survive in a foreign country on the insult of a salary they recieve. Beware! You will not be working for IH but rather Limkokwing and the owner who has an incredible gift for good marketting, but absolutely no concern for people. He will fly accross the world for a photo with a famous, influencial person so he can use it to advertise his educational money machine. The IH equippment sucks, the computers are so outdated they take ages to work, yet the owner arrives everyday in his fancy limo. Beware.... run a mile!

Anonymous said...

What' new! Go to IH based at Limkokwing and you will leave with a bad taste in your mouth. If you choose to work here get ready for Tan Sri and his cronies cheating the hell out of you.Warn as many teachers as possible. This place sucks. I regret ever having worked there.

Anonymous said...

IH Limkokwing will promise everything one would expect to find in an average IH. Know this. LIES! Bloody lies! What a croc of shit. The problem is the University management who basicaaly run the IH. The DOS and ADOS run around trying to please Limkokwing Management like puppets on strings and the teachers are left in a helpless, sorry state in a country not their own. I didn't stay long. Know this: You will end up spending your savings to keep yourself while trying to finish off your stnint is hell. Most teachers just break contract and leave.