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Friday, March 09, 2007

The Benedict Schools

The Inspector knows nothing about this chain. A warning has recently been made in the "FOR BLACKLIST NOMINATIONS CLICK HERE" section by a very disgruntled teacher and The Inspector would therefore welcome any information at all in order to find out if anything nasty lurks under the Benedict Schools stone.

Benidict Schools Naples are currently advertising on, which is an ominous sign at this time of year.

Click here to find out how the Italians tell the time

Inspector McHammered of the Lard
in Val Ferret, Switzerland



Anonymous said...

Yes it's probably true. They boast that all their teachers are "mother tongue" when in reality there are one or two and the rest italian. The fact is they still charge mother tongue rates!!! I know as I worked in the north for a year and nothing but trouble - especially when it came to expenses or anything slightly involved in giving out money. The funniest thing was the cancel time for lessons - one hour - meaning teachers wouldn't get paid even if they prepared. This was in stark contrast to a sister Benedict school which gave a 24 hour limit of cancellation to students - why the difference??? because there were more teachers at this school who weren't prepared to take the shit!!!

Anonymous said...

Worked for Benedict School in Sassuolo, TEACHING there was a good experience, but when the gearbox fell out of the school car while I was on the motorway due to rust I was reprimanded, it was fixed for 30 Euros and I was expected to carry on using it.

By the end of my stay there the Boss had sacked everyone except me and asked me to return to run the school alone the next year. I left.

podencolove said...

I came to Benedict Schools in Pomigliano D Arco (just outside of Napoli) after another contract with Mac Language School in Rome went VERY sour....after the owner, Carmen Clemente offered on free MODERN accommodation, free company car. I arrived here to be dumped into an old, cold apartment with two american girls. My work contract was to start November 24 to teach in a state run school...she produced a schedule for me to work 6 days a week for 32 hours per week but then I told her NO saturdays, then she gave me a final schedule wherein I was expected to use my car to chauffeur the other teachers around. I told her no to this.

Today she calls to tell me that she doesnt need me now because the contract with the school wont start til January 2009 so I can leave. After she had me come all the way from Sicily for this job. She then proceeded to tell me I was not flexible because I dont want to work 6 days a week and be a taxi to other teachers. She said this because now she doesnt need me...her tune was very different before. She keeps throwing in your face about the free accommodation and this morning I was awoken at 8am because she needed a coat out of my closet. The apartment is a dump. The oven does not work, no microwave, old ratty furniture, no living room or t.v., no hot water in the kitchen. SO much for MODERN huh?

I have a car and she determined that I should use it to be a taxi without asking me first.

I signed an interim one month contract which she never gives a copy of, and she has only offered me 100euros to get rid of me.

Now I go to a lawyer.