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Monday, March 05, 2007

International House Beirut

The job of a lifetime, although it might be a short one! Advertising NOW on!
Good old International House are recruiting for Beirut in that calm backwater of the world, The Lebanon. If that doesn't tickle your fancy you can always apply for the Bogota post in (cocaine country) Columbia.

  • A Black Belt in Karate or Tae Kwon Do.
  • Ability to run 100 metres in under 10 seconds
  • Be built like The Incredible Hulk
  • Ability to stay calm under fire
  • Good knowledge of First Aid
  • Explosives experience - essential
  • TEFL knowledge required - zero
The successful applicant will be expected to spend an hour each day at the firing range and give two nights voluntary service to the local branch of The Samaritans.

One way or the other you can expect to be fired (on).

Click here for the soundtrack.

Inspector McHammered of the Lard in Val Ferret, Switzerland


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Anonymous said...

Mister Inspector,

Let me introduce myself. i am an american {californian} who came to france to live with my lover.
Prior to leaving Cali, i got my degree from Uni in Liberal Studies {to teach elementary school}.

But in France i am unemployed, and i don't speak french well. So working in french schools is not an option. i have considered TEFL, because i need to make some kind of income, and i am well versed in English.

But when looking online, there is just too much shit to weed through it all.

Is there any credible online TEFL program? Or do you know anything about TEFL in france?

Thank you in advance for any help. And i heard you don't do email, but i will leave mine.. just in case.