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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Wall Street Institute, Paris

Attention all shipping. This is a gale force warning from the BBC. Well maybe not, but it's the TEFL equivalent nevertheless.

One of The Inspector's all time favourite employers, Wall Street Institute, is out on the prowl tracking down idiots (whoops - teachers) to con (nope - teach), any old sucker (come on Inspector - blue chip corporates) to buy their outdated (correction - cutting edge) system of sticking any old mug in a general free for all conversation class (rap over knuckles - groups of discerning students all of whom are at the same linguistic level) and then sticking them for hours on end in front of a "teach yourself English" course on a PC.

The Inspector is very sorry (eehrm happy) to report that
Wall Street Institute
7 Place de la Defense
92974 - France

has been spotted advertising on

They need four, that's FOUR lucky teachers who will win the TEFL booby prize. Enjoy Paris in the Spring and work for an awful (apologies - wonderful) crap (sorry - caring), smarmy (apologies it should read professional) bunch of shysters, whoops the old keyboard skills are not what they were, (I mean super bunch of great people).

Don't expect an end of contract bonus but just let The Inspector know when you're about to leave and he'll send each of the four losers (phew what rudeness from the Inspector - WINNERS) a gift wrapped Mexican prickly cucumber with which to insert up (sorry yet another typo, I mean bid farewell) the manager of The Back Passage Institute (oops again - Wall Street Institute).

The Inspector is of the opinion that Wall Street Institute is simply a linguistic vending machine.

Anyone for

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