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Friday, May 04, 2007

UKLA Academy Bursa, Turkey

I'm not sure whether anyone else has had similar treatment to the following experience posted on the "Nominate a School for Blacklisting"

"I would like to nominate UKLA Academy in Bursa, Turkey. I had a position/contract with them that was to include a 200USD reimbursement for flight. About 24 hours before my flight departed, I received an email stating that my position was CANCELLED! The school then also refused to reimburse any part of my flight. Needless to say, I also lost time and wages since I had to start looking for another job all over again."

Possibly there's a good reason why the contract was pulled and nothing reimbursed. Such things as a bad reference or something unknown that happened between the school and the teacher after the job was offered, who knows.

Whatever it's certainly something that teachers should look out for and guard against with any job. UKLA Academy Bursa, Turkey do advertise a fair bit for teachers. One of their ads reads as follows and as you can see definitely states travel reimbursement:
  • Native speakers of English
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • PGCE /Trinity TEFL/CELTA/ or equivalent certification

Salary & Benefits

  • A very competitive monthly wage (guaranteed hours)
  • fully furnished Shared apartment (2 teachers max) or housing allowance
  • 2 weeks paid summer holiday (plus 1 week off every 8 weeks)
  • Contract renewal bonus
  • Travel reimbursement
  • 8 Month contract (Jan – Aug)
  • Residence & work permit
  • Health insurance
so I'd just advise you to be careful.

UKLA Academy, Language School
Bursa, Turkey

Tel No: +90 224 232 14 40
Fax No: +90 224 232 14 41

Inspector McHammered of the Lard


ukla said...

the contract was cancelled because the candidate had changed her idea about sharing the school apartment with a male teacher and decided that she cannot leave her pet behind, will have to take it with her, the very last moment. these things were negotiated, and made clear before. This nomination is just so very unfair. UKLA have worked with numerous teachers so far, and has honored all the contracts made.

Inspector Mchammered of the Lard said...

The above response by UKLA Academy Bursa, Turkey seems fair enough but look what's just been posted in the "Nominate a school for blacklisting" section! Any comments anyone?

Because I am committed to avoid what happened to me and my former colleages in Bursa, Turkey, I beg those of you who can read French to read my allegations against this so-called international language institute !!!

Other teaching job ads website have read the following appauling testimony and have right away removed the ad. The contact persons of that ad are just desperate to find an innocent website to place their ad since they are banned from other French-writing websites.

En effet, j’ai malheureusement fait la mauvaise expérience d’un responsable sournois, menteur, manipulateur et malhonnête, nommément Monsieur Tayfun Andiriç, directeur de l’institut de langues Adres Lisan à Bursa, Turkey.

Les méthodes qu’il emploie pour asservir ses employés, étrangers et Turcs, comprennent :

- la détention illégale du passeport (afin bien entendu de faire obstacle à tout mouvement, principalement un éventuel retour salvateur dans son pays d’origine)
- un contrat sans la moindre valeur juridique (dont je vous joins un exemplaire) qui a lui seul révèle les actions ou intentions malveillantes du personnage à l’encontre de ses employés
- des pressions psychologiques continues (agressivité, harcèlements téléphoniques...)
- des pressions financières (retards volontaires, voire absences répétées des versements salariales)
- la communication d’informations erronées quant à l’obtention des visas de travail et permis de résidence dans l’objectif de gagner un bénéfice sur de faux-frais (6OO euros payés par l’employé sans son consentement).

Watch out this boss is a sly, manipulative, very dishonest person and so are his collaborators (firms) who receive bribes for signing contracts with him!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone worked with Tayfun or the school recently? I am considering working with them and would like some updates please.

Anonymous said...

The person who wrote that will be sued and taken to court if hhe attemts the same kind of act.

His unbelievable acts and unbelievable personal demands caused him to get fired. The school is only responsible for the accomodation. Besides this accomodation is provided only if the teacher agrees on the idea of sharing the apartment with some other teachers of tthe school. Since having a wife and a son aged 6 (who are actually not the school's interest) the school made him a favor and let him live in the apartment alone with his own family. But this was unfortunately not enough for him. He started asking for more and more, such as a dvd player and a wide screeen for his son, and many things lıke that. He also started a fight once, (in which hiis unbelievable wife also throw things from wall to wall in the main corridor in the school) infront of everyone in the school. When the school asked him to leave, he tried to blackmail, he asked for money. (Of course the school paid nothing)

Dear sir, please do not misunderstand and assume that these events and conversationd all took place between Mr. Tayfun and him personally. These all happened involving all the management staff of the school (the principal, the coordinator, ...etc), many other teachers and even the customers of the school.

The school has still been keeping his handwriting as a proof.

We hope you to take all those into consideration.


Adres Languagge School

Anonymous said...

This is a response to the school administrator's comment, ''Since having a wife and a son aged 6 (who are actually not the school's interest).'' First, I have no affiliation with the school or the teacher, but when I read this I had to say to the school that they should be ashamed. Second, of course a teacher's family is the school's interest, especially if they are living in housing you provided. If you want happy and productive teachers then show the man and his family some respect. Since when did having a wife and child become a detriment? My guess is you want strings-free backpackers. Finally, if he did do all of these things, at least find someone who can write your repsonses professionally. This post sounds like two middle school students trading insults, what is the proof in writing, since it doesnt mean anything. Let me ask the school owner if he provides health insurance, teachers permit and residence permit. If you don't the job is illegal and you are supporting illegal workers in Turkey. Honestly, if you want legitimate teachers try being a little more friendly and a little more tolerant of other cultures. I lived in Turkey for two years, the people are wonderful, but completely intolerant of anything that is not Turkish or Muslim thinking.