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Thursday, November 01, 2007

TEFL International

Complete ignorance is no excuse. A rap over the knuckles for Inspector McHammered of the Lard. Many thanks to Lozza for alerting the Inspector. Both ELT World and TEFL Watch cover this story in greater depth. The postings are preserved for posterity here just in case they get pulled or are bullied off the web. They are edited in parts as some of the allegations are a bit close to the bone. This story clearly needs a transparent and full response from Bruce at Tefl International as the allegations are very serious.
Courtesy of Tefl Watch..........
Firstly, I believe TEFL International markets their teaching English as a second / foreign language courses in a dishonest way. For example, in their advertisements, the Oregon Institute of Overseas Education is shown to have made what appears to me to be a special agreement with TEFL International. That sounds very interesting indeed. A quick visit to the OIEE website shows that they have an impressive array of international experiences and internships available, that is until one digs a bit deeper. I discovered that many of the experiences centered around TEFL International TEFL courses.

At this page , I discovered that it is claimed that the OIEE is a US non-profit organization. I decided that I would check out the online search facilities and see if it was registered in Oregon. I didn’t find a listing for it at the Secrettary of State’s website. I discovered this tidbit “TEFL International teacher training is validated by Oregon Institute of International Education” at .

So just who owns the Oregon Institute of International Education? A whois shows a company in India (not Oregon??) and it’s hosted on the same server that hosts TEFL International. A little more searching and we get this address, 38/53-55 Moo 1, Klaeng, Muang, Rayong 21160, THAILAND from . Now, how many of you think that TEFL International owns the Oregon Institute of International Education?

This begs the question, why would TEFL International need to invent an institute that they own and then say that the organization that they own is connected to themselves and has endorsed them? Is self validation a good thing? Is this very transparent?

Honesty isn’t about one issue in my book. To think that a course provider is dishonest, I think one needs a bit more proof. I didn’t have to look far to see more issues. One example is TEFL International’s implied(at least as I think when I read it) claim of connection to the University of Washington. Ok, maybe they don’t come out and claim it, but I can’t help but think they are claiming it when I take a look at a website of TEFL International’s and see the University of Washington name. I can in fact remember back when I heard that TEFL International students could apply for credit at the U of W. Not so, at least according to reports I have seen from people claiming to work at the University of Washington. If TEFL International was not connected with the University of Washington and they made claim to the contrary, would that be dishonest? I can’t tell you, but I’m sure you can answer it in your own mind.

TEFL International is an Oregon Non-Profit Corporation. They are organized as a Public Benefit non-profit company. Some doubt the claim, but I have verified it. TEFL International is required to file Charity Reports with the Oregon government as well. I checked out the website and the last time one was filed was back in 2005. I think they are a bit late in their filings, but I am not sure. One thing that has struck me though is the number of complaints I have heard that the owner and CEO of TEFL International is misappropriating funds. As a non-profit public benefit corporation, it’s my understanding that they need to look out for the public benefit and shouldn’t benefit their directors. I am curious what kind of oversight the Oregon government is giving to a company that is registered in their state.

I saw their 2005 report and it was interesting, revenue of less than $800,000. That means about 500 students at $1500 a pop. I find that hard to believe. They give courses in so many locations, I feel very sure the number is higher than that. What about the people who go for the 6 month internships? It seems like the number they are quoting is on the low side. But maybe I am wrong. I wonder what it would take to audit the books of TEFL International? Since it is a public benefit corporation, are the books open for the public to look at? If they are submitting false reports to the state of Oregon, is that honest?

In the next part, we will look more at the business practices of TEFL International, including the treatment of teachers and trainees. We will investigate more the ramifications of taking a course at TEFL International. We will attempt to answer the big what if question, what happens if a course provider goes out of business. The only disclaimer I give you is that all of the above is opinion and you are encouraged to check out the opinion I gave for yourself and see what you come up with.

Most of the comments in support of TEFL International seem to be focused on the quality of the course in Ban Phe and its trainer. Nothing in its induction should be construed as a statement on the quality of their TEFL course, instead its a focus on their business practices as we see it. The business practices seem to me to be downright dirty at best.

“Nemesis” and “Andy”, the two administrators of TEFLWatch, have been involved in a merry go round of emails with Bruce V, the head of TEFL International. At issue is the part I of this series, it was an opinion piece and well labeled as such. From what I understand in the emails he has been sending, it seems that he doesn’t want people to state their opinions. This begs the question, why does the owner and CEO of TEFL International not want people state their opinion?

Bruce V also admitted in email to contacting the boss of our admin Nemesis. Nemesis feels as though the contact occurred before he was asked to leave from the school, Bruce claims it was after Nemesis was asked to leave from the school. Either way, how did Bruce know what school Nemesis worked at? How did Bruce V know Nemesis’ full name? Very few people knew Nemesis’ personal information, just the admin of and the admin of In fact, Nemesis received a personal message from LDMA, the admin of saying that Bruce V knew the personal information of Nemesis and was looking for him. Either way, they claim not to have divulged the information, but it all just sounds creepy to me. I have a creepy feeling about Bruce V.

Edit: More truth has come to light and this needs to be corrected slightly. Bruce did not contact Nemesis’ current school at the time, he contacted a previous school and Bruce claims it was AFTER Nemesis had left Thailand. Bruce did not have some personal information that he was thought to have had. LDMA, for his own reasons, relayed to Nemesis that Bruce had information, including Nemesis’ real name, Ajarn Forum nick, and current school. There are still some questions left, but not for Bruce, rather for the owner of Ajarn Forum.

This is not a witch hunt against TEFL International, it is a genuine warning against what we feel to be creepy business practices by the supposed largest provider of TEFL Courses in the world.

TEFL International not only trains teachers, but has work programs. One project currently being run is their Thai Special Project. They train teachers for a month and then farm them out to schools. After a few months they give them a TEFL certificate. It sounds like a good deal, but the devil is in the details.

I talked to one member of the project in Nakhon Si Thammarat, Thailand. He recounted how he was picked up in the airport with a group of other trainees. The van brought to pick them up was woefully too small, as if no one even knew how many trainees were expected. Trainees didn’t receive a month of intense training, instead they received a few days of training and were sent to work at schools. Trainees felt disappointed at the management of the program that they paid good money for. Bruce V promised to make it right, but some trainees felt he was holding the TEFL certificates hostage. Teachers put in a woefully inadequate program would be out their money and time..and have no TEFL certificate if they quit or get fired because they tell the truth.

There are also allegations that TEFL International and Bruce V has outstanding salary obligations that they have failed to meet. One teacher claims to have been waiting since February for his salary when it is alleged that Bruce V bought out an agency and then abruptly ended the contracts early so he could avoid paying summer salary.

Now, granted Bruce V has claimed that TEFL International is not related to TIEC, the agency bought out. They just happen to be owned by the same man, Bruce V. According to what I was able to see, it looks like Special Program Trainees are being placed at schools that TIEC has contracts with. If TIEC is totally unrelated to TEFL International, then is TEFL International, a US non-profit, getting paid properly by supplying workers to TIEC? Is Bruce V getting personal benefit from TEFL International? Is there a conflict of interest?

My father always told me that when a company is failing to pay wages due, is delivering a sub-standard product, and skirting the law, you had better stand clear of that company. I’ll let you be the judge whether or not this applies to TEFL International.

So what does this all mean to current and former trainees? Well, if TEFL International folded, there is no external accreditation of the TI TEFL course and therefore the value of the certificate would be unknown, unlike Trinity and CELTA TEFL courses that still maintain their value even after a course provider closes down. I guess only time will tell.

And finally courtesy of ELT World....

TEFLWatch has been reporting on this story for awhile, but it needs to get out to a larger audience. I'll just give the facts.

1) TEFL International bought out an agency that supplies teachers in Thailand. He took over them in January. He had teachers on contract through the end of March and the end of April. At the end of January, all teachers were paid. At the end of February, Bruce ordered his right hand man in Songkhla Thailand, to cancel the work permit and visas for ALL of the teachers. He paid most, but not all of the teachers their salaries for February. Sine March and April are vacations(but covered as paid in the contract), he told the teachers that they were laid off and he wouldn't pay them for March and April.

2) One teacher, who was the only foreigner teacher at his school, didn't get his salary for February. He was paid for January, but not February. They gave him a run around and then he came to TEFLWatch. Bruce has said that he won't pay this teacher until this teacher removes all of his postings about TEFL International.

3) During the firing of teachers in February. Bruce's right hand man, under direction from Bruce, tried to get one particular teacher arrested on trumped up charges of XXXXXXXXXXXXX (censored until some solid proof arrives by your noble sleuth).

4) In May, after the vacation, he had replaced the teachers with trainees who were paying to take his course. He also had the teachers open account where he was a signatory on the accounts so that he would have access to their bank accounts at all times.

5) Bruce's right hand man realized that he was duped by Bruce into doing some very evil things and he has repented and is trying to help teachers affected by TEFL International.

Bruce of TEFL International has written off both #1 and #2 cash flow problems that weren't his fault. I'm sorry, I don't accept that. If you don't wages to your teachers, I don't care if you have cash flow problems or not, you are a bad employer.

The worst thing of all is that Bruce is now trying to get the teacher mentioned in #2 jailed. See, in civilized countries, truth is an absolute defense of libel and slander charges. Not so in thailand. Now, TEFL International is trying to jail this teacher. I have no doubt he'll be successful in that since it's obvious that negative things were said about the company, but it's the truth. Of course, in Thai courts, the truth matters little.

The only chance to stop this largesse of TEFL international is to spread the word. Bruce controls ESL Cafe and most other major tefl sites through his advertising budget. I'm asking that we spread this word. If they do jail this teachers, I want it every newspaper. I want it know that TEFL International jailed a teacher because that teacher complained that they didn't their salary.

Now, Bruce is going to find out about this thread. He'll come here and talk a lot about how much he is a victim of vicious lies. He'll go on and on about that. I've seen it myself. Unfortunately, he's admitted to not paying his teachers what they are due. That's hardly the actions of a victim.

Keep this in mind. His money has silenced more threads on ESL cafe than anyone else. He has cheated teachers out of their due salary. He is trying to jail a teacher.

What do you think? Victim or victimizer?

Well I never! is there any truth in the above litany of alleged sins?


Inspector McHammered of the Lard in Pamplona, Spain

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Anonymous said...

Beware of TEFL Int'l!

The TEFL -International Course in Chiang Mai is quite atrocious. All complaints about the course should be carefully considered before you waste your money.

The trainer is a super nice guy, but absolutely not qualified. Students were charged more than the already hefty price of USD$1,590, by charging the balance in Baht not USD (and this happened to a previous course's group too, it wasn't a one-time "mistake").

They didn't deliver as promised on student papers to get a student Visa.

They misled a person who they knew had no B.A., suggesting that with the TEFL certificate he'd have no problem getting a position in Korea (not true; B.A. required there).

We're two weeks in to the course and have not learned anything. How much of this is the fault of TEFL Int'l, versus the Chiang Mai franchise versus the local trainer is hard to tell. A combination it seems that has become worse than a slapstick comdey.

I'm interested if there's an international complaint board. Does anybody know?

I feel like a fool for having signed up for the course; I wish I had known better.

Anonymous said... has REMOVED all of the information on its forum by the admin and has starting providing links to TI's site on other of the admin's blogsites.

Look at

Check out the following:

This is where the admin tries to defend his reasons.

Some commentary including comments from one of the teachers that TW supported against TI.

Decide for yourself if the admin sold out to Bruce!

Anonymous said...

Actually, no, a new article was made. I appreciate this article still up.

CSFFan, for attacking TW just because your school asked you to.

Anonymous said... is a total scam and I think more people should come forward and notify the BBB and every newspaper in Oregon about this. Bruce needs to be exposed by more people!

Anonymous said... is a total scam and Bruce is a crook.

Since his company is run out of Oregon and think that we should start writing letters to every newspaper in the State to draw attention to this guy and his shady businesses.

Seriously, we have to work together to stop this guy.

He is a crook and a liar.


Anonymous said...

There is certainly no smoke without a fire.
The sparring across various web boards continues by their respective owners while other discussion boards close down, change hands, change sides, and new ones appear. Notwithstanding the bickering between them, the discussions are nevertheless too closely centered for comfort on Bruce V. and his band of merry men. It must therefore be safely assumed that there may be some elements of truth in many of the allegations. The advertising methods of TEFL International are a incontestable infringement of the ethics of publicity and in countries that have laws on consumer protection there would be a clear-cut case for prosecution. Although TEFL Intl. continues to impress with its hall of fame of reluctant endorsers and accreditation by the University of Washington and one of its chair professors, that noble institute has firmly denied having any relations whatsoever with TEFL Intl. since 2001.

Other leading authors and personalities from the world of EFL, claimed by TEFL Intl. to be endorsers of the courses or members of the TEFL International Academic Advisory Board, have also stated that they 'have done nothing for this organisation' and have requested that their names be removed from the websites.

Whatever the intrigue between Bruce V. and Alan Moller of IATQuO has for substance it is just a scuffle in the gutter. Moller's website - - exposes his crackpot "accrediting" organisation as little more than a joke. However, it does not need an PhD to realise that the fake and slanderous website at is nothing more than BV's own fabrication - with a domain stupidly registered in his own full name from his address in Rayong - hardly the behaviour of a responsible member of that old and trusted organisation: The College of Teachers. (at least he does not lie about his membership there) But his is clearly in direct conflict with items 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 13 and 14, of its revered articles of membership and its Royal Charter signed by Queen Victoria in her own hand. The outcome is more egg on his own face - and all the while, his Barcelona office continues to proudly boast its accreditaion by IATQuO.

And what is with his accepting the brief of the Simon Wisenthal Foundation to look into cases of NAZI manifestation in one of Thailand's most prestigious schools? - just another attempt to "shine more goodly than that which hath no foil to set it off".

Smoking guns? There is enough proof out there, it just needs some willing party to take the initiative and consolidate all the material in to a form that can bring pressure to bear to take legal action. This blog and its references mainly treat the Thai sector, but it's only the tip of the iceberg. There's not just something creepy about the place, there is a multi tentacled carpet of slime being spread across the planet by a bunch of business people turned white-collar criminals.

The fire should be extinguished, reducing a certain so-called 'non profit registered charity’ and its misdeeds to ashes.

Anonymous said...

Queen Victoria? SimonWiesenthal? Whatever next?

Here is a summary of TEFL International alleged dubious activities to date (collated from these and other blogs):

1. Offences against the UK Trade Descriptions Act, and maybe those of other countries.

2. Violations or non-respect, of Thai Work Permit regulations.

3. Infraction of the byelaws of The College of Teachers.

4. Owning web forums to disclaim allegations and promote their image, through fake postings.

5. Owning and posting on blogs to promote their image through fake postings.

6. Owning TEFL portals to promote their image through their own ads while selling links and banners to their competition.
7. Systematic whitewashing by posting under multiple names on all, or most known TEFL forums

8. Buying into to web boards to have anti TEFL International postings and/or threads removed.

9. Publication of anonymous, slanderous websites.

10. Fake endorser statements on websites.

11. Unauthorized use of names of prominent TEFL personalities.

12. Unauthorized use of names of leading, established institutions of higher education.

13. Fake affiliations on websites.

14. Fake alumni citations.

15. Fake alumni listings.

16. Non fulfillment of promised course contents.

17. Non fulfillment of promised job placement for graduates.

18. Withholding of certificates until other, non-contractual 'favors' are rendered by the students.

19. Non payment of salaries.

10. Closure by coercion of competing TEFL training colleges in foreign cities.

21. Misappropriation of funds of a registered charity.

22. False declarations to either/or the IRS and supervisory bodies for registered charities.

Gosh, it’s a long list which leaves one out of breath, and if any of it is true, it makes one wonder how people can live with all these allegations clinging to their consciences. People born into underworld communities don't give a hoot, but TEFL is run by university graduates who probably do not hail from such backgrounds. Not that this means much in the light of the recent spate of many millionaires currently spending large chunks of their retirement in state penitentiaries.

Many of the trainers, endorsers, and operators of TEFL International worldwide may not even be aware of the polemic surrounding their organization, not everyone is wise enough to do their homework before getting involved - and that certainly goes for the students that sign up for the courses.

A continued hate campaign on blogs and forums will have little effect. It would seem that irrefutable proof of some of the above exists already and would stand up in court, but because their schools around the world are subject to local law, a concerted attack on the TEFL International organization would be well nigh impossible. The only solution, if the facts were proven, would be to eradicate the driving force of this organization. This would bring about the eventual collapse of the franchised branches and/or subsidiaries, or at least force them into changing their operational methods and corporate status, and into getting some genuine endorsement. It may also achieve some transparency concerning the funds of the 'registered charity'.

However, the Thai authorities have been reported as stating that this is an international organization and an 'affair of farangs', and that they have better things to do than chase after foreign white-collar crooks. As long as the Ban Phe institute is legally registered as a business (is it?), and its foreign employees are in possession of Work Permits (are they?), there is not much they can do.
There is probably little truth in the suggestion that Veldhuisen owns a bar in Pattaya, but as the police, politicians and other leading personalities in Thailand are notorious for owning bars and brothels, so why not also Bruce? Again, proof is needed.
It has been suggested in the past that a major part of party funds comes from the proceeds of prostitution, and that the economy of the country relies heavily on the invisible earnings of its sex trade which is the most highly developed in the world. Rayong is just a 30 minute drive from Pattaya.

It is probably also doubtful that TEFL International controls the world's most successful EFL website or is able to influence its owner.

Some postings on this blacklist by authored claiming to be victims of TEFL International scams, have suggested that they should rally together and notify the Oregon newspapers. Their grievances, if substantiated, need a wider coverage, a much wider coverage. TEFL International IS international and as such, the allegations merit the investigation by much more influential members of the media: CNN, BBC, NT Times, Washington Post, The Times, The Guardian, The Independent, der Spiegel, and for the benefit of the wider UK public, the The Daily Express and the Daily Mirror tabloids, and last but not least, the the Bangkok Post and The Nation.
It is rumored that extant documentary evidence has been made available to a well known American investigative newspaper and TV journalist who will be carrying out extensive research. His reportage, if it reveals concrete evidence and facts, may bring about the demise of this organization where legal measures are costly, clumsy and probably impotent.
We will see.

Anonymous said...

I paid my deposit to TEFL International three months ago. A few weeks later a friend told me of this site and I read this thread and nearly fainted. For two months I was very apprehensive about how my experience would be.

But I did contact the Better Business Bureau and found, to my surprise, that TEFL International was a member in good standiong and had only a handful complaints in 10 years and all of these conplaints had been settled to the satisfaction of the BBB. I started feeing a bit better.

However, admin informed me I would miss the group airport pick up. I was not happy and sent an angry Email telling them that I did not feel like finding my way to ban Phe at 7 on a Sunday night. I received a Response from the CEO, Bruce Veldhuisen, saying he would personally pick me up at the airport.

So the fateful sunday evening arrives and there he was, along with his three adorable children, on a Sunday evening, picking me up from the airport. I wonder. How many CEOs offer such personal custmer service? I was impressed.

The past week of classes have been excellent. Fun, interesting, professional. So far it seems like just unsubstantiated accusations. if they are real, contact the BBB. Thats what they do.

Anonymous said...

I was part of the TEFL "Beijing Special Summer Project" - and went through much of what was described above (and I do NOT mean the rosy airport pickup by the CEO). Our group was left at the hostel in Beijing, to the point where we all wondered if we were ever going to move to our apartments. When we finally did move in, we were placed in two separate 3-person apartments, but there was the small problem of us numbering THIRTEEN, not six. We were never reimbursed for our extra hostel stay, despite promises that we would be.

And that was only the beginning. Our training was insufficient (5 days, the first three of which were absolutely useless lessons which none of us ever referred to again - including an incredibly detailed one on English phonetics taught by a Chinese guy - and the last 2 of which involved us being pimped out to local schools under the guise of 'practice teaching'). Throughout the summer, those of us who were able to make the company the most money (i.e. the white people, myself included) were given job after job, never asked but merely told where and when to show up. Those who were unable to earn TEFL as much (i.e. the American-born Chinese and non-white member of our group) were basically ignored and spent the summer hanging out in Beijing.

Which might have been fine, except for the day before our program was to end - when our 2 incompetent, drug-addled coordinators informed us that we were to be paid not the $750 that the program description stated, but BASED ON HOW MUCH WE HAD EARNED FOR TEFL.

Again, this might have been fine - if they had not sworn all along that we would get our full $750, even providing a signed letter (later proved to be absolute bullshit) from the CEO himself (again, NOT true) to that effect. The letter and assurances were provided after we had all begun to express concern about actually being paid. Against our better judgement, we kept on working, trusting our coordinators.

So, the day before we were all to leave China, we were told that we would be receiving a small fraction of what we were actually owed. We fought this long and hard, going to the BBB and trying to contact Bruce himself, all to no avail. The timing of the payment bullshit, and the constant stress of not knowing what was happening (our coordinators stopped answering their phones for most of the summer) or if we would be paid for all our work, ruined China for most of us. Bruce, the coordinators, and even the BBB did not seem to care that the terms we went to China believing we had agreed to stated that we would receive $750 upon completion of the program. Up until our last day in Beijing we in no way were supposed to be paid based on what TEFL earned; the fact that they unsuccessfully tried to make a 3-month long program (this was its first test run) economically viable was not our fault.

So good luck, fellow English teachers. And stay away from TEFL International.

Anonymous said...

Irene told me about this thread so I thought I would add my comments.

Would anyone like to see 45 people having a great time? All of us very happy about our decision to join TEFL International? Come to Ban Pe any time before 14 May. Everything is going very well, teaching at the Monk school is a trip.

It seems a couple of people with either agendas or no lives are doing most of the posting here.

Anonymous said...

Bruce is an old hand at turning these sites into a 'he said' she said' cunfused mess. It's only a matter of time before he gets his cronies to come on here and cloud all the issues so that no-one can tell the genuine posts from the fakes. Remember, his company uses the net to generate most of his business, he knows exactly how to muddy the waters. He's fought off sites like this before and will continue to do so until his company is exposed by the media.
Good luck bringing him down, it's only a matter of time.

Inspector Mchammered of the Lard said...

"Bruce is an old hand at turning these sites into a 'he said' she said' cunfused mess."

Absolutely spot on. Old Bruce must have thought the Inspector had cotton wool between his ears.

I'm starting to believe that Bruce is in the wrong profession. He should develop his career as a writer of fiction.

Post away Bruce. We're all enjoying the show.

The TEFL Tradesman said...

Right... It seems that a little supporting activity is needed here - which I'll be more than happy to provide.

Keep an eye on my blog over the next few days.


Anonymous said...

It is well known and proven that TEFL International uses fake references and fake students citations. Any one who doubts this is welcome to do their own research - which, be warned, will open an even bigger can of worms. Just for an appetizer, of the dozens of branches 'worldwide', many of them exist as a web page only. Other 'branches' are housed by other organisation, and either the foster parent has gone out of business, or is blacklisted as a diploma mill. Other 'branches' are little more than a mailbox on the wall of a building in a backstreet or have no street address at all. It would appear that TEFL International has lost track of its own network - easily done with some many websites to manage.
here is another thread to watch:

When it first started, TEFL International probably never set out with the intention of being a scam, but by using marketing and management methods which are certainly on the very border of legality, if not over it, they have woven a reputation from which they are having a hard time to extricate themselves. They have, it would appear, shot themselves in the foot several times already, and given enough rope, they will limp their way to the gallows. Surely not the solution they are hoping for.

And as for Irene who needs to post through her anonymous proxy, there is no proof that the eulogy is not from the pens of TEFL International itself. The style rings more than vaguely familiar. Is Irene's surrogate sure she wasn't reporting on last week's TEFL International course in Manchester? Manchester????

The TEFL Tradesman said...

One sympathy posting - but not at all sympathetic! - is now up and running, well, staggering, at TeflTrade 2


Anonymous said...

Your link above is dead. Can you post a new one that works?

Brandon said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Terry Says: I posted this on Alex's blog, so I thought having it here too woudn't hurt (referring to the questions Alex would like to ask the owner of the 'biggest TESOL organisation in the world'):
June 21st, 2008 at 9:57 am

I think you probably know the answers to all your questions about BV and his tin shack TESOL training trip. I once set off with a mission to find out all I could about him/it, and made some great contacts on the way and I may now have one of the most complete case files on it. I also unearthed so much filth and outright crime about the whole TESOL shebang in general, it just made me sick.
Even on some of the mightiest sleazebags are allowed to get away with promoting their scams, including ones who profess to have 5 million satisfied customers, ::burp::
Dig deep, my friend, dig deep, the corporate nepotism, nay, incest, among those ‘big’ boys flogging on-line courses for horses is as big as a bubble. Let’s just hope that sooner or later someone comes along with a nice big pin.
I gave up on my crusade against Bruceybaby, if one really wanted to, one could stomp on his head any time. There are real white collar criminals out there in the world of TESOL, hiding their franchise marketing and travel agencies, behind the goody-two-shoes appearance of wanting to ‘do their bit’ for education. They are going to be harder to nail down because some of them have got genuine Ivy League PhDs to know what they are doing.

Anonymous said...

There is no need for anyone to reports of BV's misleading statements, he's doing it himself! (taken from a new ad for his new PAY-TO-WORK scheme which costs the applicants a deposit of $500):
"TEFL International, ?where the world is your classroom?, is a non-profit international training organization creating intercultural opportunities through numerous educational and multicultural services such as: teacher education, language training, camps, internships, and much more. We strive to be a fun, creative, responsive, culturally sensitive, high value organization focusing on individual growth, customer satisfaction and helping the world communicate better by providing valuable experiences and skills for those in need and for those seeking to change and improve their lives. TEFL International currently operates 17 branches located on 5 continents."

Anonymous said...

I suppose we have to put this down to either a warped sense of humour or a genuinely warped mind. Either way it does not seem compatible with the behaviour one can expect from the 'world's largest and fastest growing TESOL organisation' or should we read 'sam' for 'organisation'?
here it is, have fun with it, the URL was registed by BV in his own name from his address in Rayong:

Brandon said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Who on earthis Mike Fitzgerald and what and where did he write? or is it another nic of BV?

Anonymous said...

As others have asked, could you provide links to the quotes in the original posts? I have looked at both of the sites and can't find the quotes.

As my hero Bugs Bunny said...."What's up doc?"

Patricia Ann Armstrong said...

Chao Ren is of course Brandon Fike.

Perhaps his comments being removed was his part of the deal he made with bruce because Brandon got back some of his money.

Congratulations Brandon!
The first but he will not be the last.

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine recently applied online to TEFL International. Less than a day later, he got a reply that his application had been approved.

Is such a quick turnaround usual? Is this company a scam, just trying to suck in as many people as possible, each shelling out a couple thousand bucks for a month-long course?

Anonymous said...

It's not a scam at all. It's an attempt to provide excellent customer service. The TEFL International administration team center is instructed to look at applications immediately and get back to applicants within 24 hours with a reply. Why does that seem strange to you or cause doubts?

Patricia Ann Armstrong said...

To Anonymous:

You are kidding, right? You have money to pay the course fees all are approved.

I've read posted mails where the "applicant" requested to be placed where he had access to small children, complaining the the peadofile laws in his country were "so strict"...
Guess what? application APPROVED with a note that every effort would be made to find him employment teaching young children.

That was only one of several examples where the guy had made applications that should have been refused. It answers your question.

Then bruce responded that "he talked to the staff member about the mistake".
NOT fired!

Go ahead bruce say it didn't happen or it wasn't your response.

People have been achieving the blogs concerning tefl internaional for the past 2 years.

Anyone else notice all the negative comments recently taken down from teflschoolreview site?