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Monday, February 04, 2008

CBI Canadian Bilingual Institute in Bratislava, Slovakia (Slovak Republi

Phew! The Inspector is Mcknackered. Surely there can't be that many bad schools out there. Rest assured if you have been unfairly listed here then just drop a quick word in his ear.

CBI Canadian Bilingual Institute in Bratislava, Slovakia (Slovak Republic). This English school has the worst management, an incredibly greedy owner, and doesn't take care of its teachers.

Teachers are coaxed into signing a contract, then after they arrive (paying their own travel expenses) are told about other personal expenses, deductions, and work requirements that weren't in the contract and never mentioned during interviews (I even asked a direct question regarding some of the matters during an interview, and once I started working found out that I was lied to!).

They also think they are above the law - illegal contracts, screwing up people's visas, income tax problems, etc.



Inspector McHammered of the Lard in Pamplona, Spain

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carly said...

Have to agree, in part. Not the worst place - other places pay better but won't do the visa for you. Office things definitely could run better, but on the other hand things change a lot. I know the school. Lots of good things, some annoying things but not that bad. you won't get cheated,just don't expect to make a lot of money.Best advice is to do the year, check out other places on the side, be flexible in Slovakia. Not the same rules as in North America.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised by the accusations. Let it be known that I didn't have any problems with lies or contracts. Knowing most of the managers (who do change frequently),those complaints are a bit extreme I'd say. Sounds like big personality clashes. Yes, of course I'd have appreciated more money. I enjoyed my year and met great people. I lived well for Slovakia. What more can I ask for? I was happy to be legal!

Michael said...

I'm fairly new to this site, how does it work, where do you get your information Insp. McHammered? Do you have an alternative recommendation for Slovakia? I get the impression this is one of the bigger schools in Bratislava, why can't I find more complaints about it? Your complaints sound a little vague, i think they could apply to most schools i've worked with. It doesn't sound any worse than the usual in the wonderful world of capitalism.
Have you actually worked at all the schools you've complained about, or do you get your info through other sources?
What schools do you recommend in Central/Eastern Europe?

Anonymous said...

I currently have a lawsuit in process against TEFL Institute, Tiron Gibbs. I have a lawyer (which means I really have a case that can win, he’s not a friend so there is a real chance to win)and started the process in October of last year. We are looking for others to add to create a class action suit against him. Please contact me and tell others if you know of anyone else and we can sit down with my lawyer and add you on board.
(312) 685-4422 or

Anonymous said...

Everything you said about CBI is true. The country director is oily, manipulative, arrogant and, as you said, 'above the law'. They don't consider a 30-hour teaching load full-time and will press you to take on more classes. Needless to say, you don't get paid for prep time and monthly 3 hour meetings are not paid but mandatory. After taxes, teachers make about 8 euros an hour in a city which is becoming increasingly expensive to live in. 'Mistakes' are frequently made on pay cheques and it sometimes takes months to have it corrected.

There are too many cooks in the CBI kitchen who constantly give contradictory information to teachers.


Anonymous said...

i don't think the comments so far give a totally accurate representation of the school. What Mr. Silva is doing is aggressively recruiting as many teachers as he can get by promising loads of hours and a work permit. The reality is that he will start you off with a few classes, probably using you to replace someone who was 'relieved' of their class because the students were 'displeased'. Then if this hard to please class makes any complaints he will immediately remove you from the class, no warning or feedback given. What was the nature of the complaints, what needed to be fixed? You won't know. Its quite Kafkaesque in fact, even though this isn't Prague ;0)

What's also interesting is that even in a school that has been perennially hard to please, with frequent turnover of teachers, the newbie isn't given one iota of a heads-up on problems or solutions. You're given the address and the textbook, now go to it.

And one or two complaints later, you have lost not only that class but even those who didn't complain, and if it hasn't been completed then the work visa process gets halted as well.

Mr. Silva is promoting his school as a secure and friendly employer and Bratislava as a friendly working/living environment. The school is like a family, he implies. What he failed to mention was that he meant the Manson family. One wrong move and you're sliced, diced and trying to staunch the bleeding.

I find the Slovak people are generally friendly and good to deal with, but the corporate culture in Bratislava? I think i'll take the shark tank, thank you very much.