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Thursday, June 26, 2008

TEFL International - Bruce Veldhuisen

The Inspector's siesta has been shattered by an onslaught of very lengthy postings with the same message " Bruce Van Heldhuisen" is a great guy and just plain misunderstood.
One of them is so long it could rival "War and Peace" for length.
Anyway this is an extract from Bruce's rant:

" Honestly, are a few hits worth the publication of libelous information? Just so you can make a few bucks off of GoogleAds? That seems pretty mercinary to me.

Publish this comment."

Ehrm sorry Bruce but credibility is important here. Take a look around the real estate of The TEFL Blacklist. There are no Google Ads at all, anywhere. Why not? Because The Inspector can never be accused of being "mercinary". Bruce you of all people, as a TEFL course provider, really should have used a spell checker if you can't spell. It's spelt "Mercenary" and that accusation can not be applied to your noble sleuth.
Inspector McHammered of the Lard in Pamplona, Spain
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Anonymous said...

Another bit of TEFL International naughtiness - they say on that
"ALL TEFL International TESOL certificate courses worldwide fully meet British Council criteria for employment within the British Council."

Not true - email the BC if you want to check. A TEFL International TESOL is NOT accepted by the BC as a qualification.

Chao Ren said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Inspector Mchammered of the Lard said...

There are reams of the stuff. The Inspector will think of a way of letting you access it without catching anything nasty.

Anonymous said...

I went to the course and wow I cant beileve how scumy TI is. The couse was going great the first two weeks. Greg and Mei were great. Then on the first day of the third week the police buted in. There was about 20 cops in all. The course was finshed. At first we were mad at the staff. They all quite after the police raid. The cops told me I was not allowed to do this course on a tourist visa. They asked everything you can imagine. I was alittle scared. Then my roommate who is in the very illegal spiecial project said Henry Yan was bragging that he had called the cops on the school because he knew that everyone would get thrown out or not work anymore. He also said Bruce approved this move. Bruce Veldhuisen , BV , Bruce V is the ceo of TEFL Intl. This really pissed me off. When I comfronted henry he called the cops on me and said I was a terrorist so I left now I am in america. So I have to say the only decent people from the staff are gown. Don’t do this course one it sucks now and two it is ilegal. So you know the teachers when they left the material left that is right TI lets the staff make there own material s without approval

Anonymous said...

Is TEFL International Related to the TEFL Institute? The guy I spoke with seemed like he was trying to "hard sell" me on taking an online class. His name was "Bruce Jones".