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Friday, March 02, 2007

The Inspector is in Cloud Cuckoo Land

After The Inspector had to push yet another plate of pasta down his throat he protested by pushing off over the Alps to Switzerland. Eighty days is a long time to be on a yak and with boils on his bum he was cursing everything in sight by the time he finally made it over The Saint Bernard Pass. After a much needed stop for the obligatory slug of brandy he pressed bravely on into the land of the Cuckoo Clock.

Italy, in The Inspector's considered opinion, is full of mad macho testosterone fuelled male maniacs (totally wasted on the beautiful women) and the whole population could do with a collective madness-immunisation course for their own self-protection, of say valium or some other suitably strong sedative.

So what TEFL rogues lurk in cuckoo country?

The Swiss are notoriously secretive so a ferret or two might be have to be let loose, so to speak, up the odd trouser leg of some unsuspecting Swiss language school owner.

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Inspector McHammered of the Lard in Val Ferret (yes it exists) Switzerland



Anonymous said...

Some of my worst students have been Swiss. By 'worst' I don't mean bad at English, just appallingly conceited and arrogant. They're much worse than the French, and they take some beating!!

So I'm sure you'll find some delightful characters out there is Swiss Tefl-land. Happy hunting! Or it a genuine ski-ing holiday this time??

Inspector Mchammered of the Lard said...

"and they take some beating"
Would that be with the good old fashioned birch, a cane or a stout cucumber?
I'm hoping to fit in a bit of skiing, but knowing how bureaucratic the Swiss are, I'm worried the yak will get a parking ticket unless I take it along with me and it's not easy going off-piste with your "Mongolian" yak, apparently the "Himalayan" yak can be quite a dab hand at slalom skiing so I'm seriously considering upgrading the beast. If I can find the right size of ski for the animal, I may well give it a bash. Perhaps four "Windsor" size cucumbers strapped to each hoof might do the job.