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Saturday, March 03, 2007


Yup the cash tills are still ringing at
A very quick check by The Inspector shows that these people are currently advertising (Friday 2 March) all of whom are BLACKLISTED:

This is just in Europe!
Now why on earth do they need teachers in the middle of the academic year. I can't possibly imagine. You don't think that some of their teachers quit do you, because they are crap schools? No no no, perish the thought. It must be The Inspector's suspicious mind at work.

There are over 34 jobs in China and loads in Korea, some just have to be total nightmares and traps for the unwary. International House Kuala Lumpa has also been spotted, Shane English Schools naturally is there, also the usual crowd of crap jobs in the UK well documented as usual by Sandy. The Inspector may need to apply to Scotland Lard for an assistant as the workload seems to be piling up and he's currently stuck halfway up a mountain with a yak.

Shame on who clearly couldn't give a toss about the quality of organisations who pay to advertise on their website.

Inspector McHammered of the Lard


Anonymous said...

Got any dirty on INTESOL International?...I found it through

Aware of all the scammers out there, i'm hoping it's legit!

Any info would be much appreciated :)

Inspector Mchammered of the Lard said...

Looks a bit dodgy to the Inspector. My dog could have designed a better website. The "vacancies" page is dated March 2006! They seem to offer everything you can imagine and I quote from their slick web site:

Quality Translation

Intersol's staff have extensive experience of commercial documentation and offer expert translation of documents, websites and promotional material
Help to non-residents with property in Brazil

InterSol offers reliable and financially-secure management of your construction project or completed property, tax management or other on-site needs with instant access by e-mail, telephone and fax. We can also 'hold your hand' while you are here negotiating. InterSol offers courses in Portuguese for foreigners.

Intersol's well-qualified staff have nearly 40 years experience of :

Event management
Support for exhibition organisers by providing multilingual staff for reception or delegate liaison

Intersol's world-wide experience makes them an ideal organisation to receive, guide and care for international business people visiting Brazil
Languages for tourism

InterSol has tutors in Italian, Spanish, German, Dutch and French and Portuguese for foreigners

Cultural training

Intercultural orientation is as necessary in Brazil (or even in Bahia) as anywhere else in the world. Intersol staff have travelled extensive;ly throughout the world and are able to offer courses and support for events

I wouldn't go as far as to blacklist them but do let us know what the reality is like.

Ofetn these small outfits with ideas of grandeur can be nightmares but in this case who knows. Fiona ans Brian Mee (?) are probably delightful people and if that proves to be the case then the Inspector would be pleased to apoogise.