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Thursday, June 07, 2007

i-to-i TEFL - 1 to 1 TEFL

Self publicity disguised as third party unbiased informed objective comment is often the last refuge of the morally bankrupt.

Richard Bradford of Cactus TEFL can frequently be observed secretly strutting his stuff in the Guardian. are not averse to taking money from rogue schools who advertise as long as they get paid. And of course, that old pirate Dollar Dave otherwise known as Saint Sperling must have been responsible for many an EFL nightmare as unwitting adventurers fall for his myriad of enticing jobs and instead end up in some god forsaken hell hole in the middle of nowhere.

Starting to despair? Well don't, because your noble Inspector is on hand to offer some friendly advice. Want to do some good PR on yourself. Well don't wait for eternity hoping that someone will write something complimentary about you. No no no. When in Rome do as the Romans my dear Watson. What's good enough for them should be good enough for you.



Just write a nice flattering article about yourself, with lots of words like "good".......... "recommended"............. "wonderful".............and ehrm......well you get the Inspector's drift I'm sure. Then all you have to do is post it on some blog as an unbiased informed review and well - job done and end of story.

That dear readers is exactly what "i-to-i" TEFL have done!

"i-to-i" came to the Inspector's attention not so long ago as possible Oscar winners next year for the biggest load of horse manure in TEFL, but what with Lady Florence McHammered hot on his heels they weren't, shall we say, uppermost on his mind .

Well they've now made it onto the TEFL Blacklist in record quick time as shysters of self-promotion of the first order. They deserve a good cucumbering.

This has just been posted on the "nomination" section.................

I nominate "i-to-i".
"i-to-i" lists www.learntefltoday. com as an “official” evaluation of their online tefl course.

The problem is that this site is actually one of "i-to-i ‘s" affiliates!

If you click on the the "i-to-i" banner on the learntefltoday site it puts a cookie on your computer that tracks you via commission junction – If you were to purchase the "i-to-i" online TEFL course, the owners of website will get a commission paid to them! website is an affiliate partner of "i-to-i" . How can "i-to-i" dare put this site on their home page as if it were an unbiased evaluation of their course?

This is what "i-to-i" says:

“It's official! The best online TEFL courses available(as voted by”.

Is this ethical? I don’t think so!!

Any comments dear readers?


Inspector McHammered of the Lard in Val Ferret, Switzerland

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Anonymous said...

your criticism here is misdirected. (and almost every other site) will get a commission from any TEFL provider that they refer someone to. The fact that i-to-i is on the top of their list doesn't make i-to-i unethical at all.

Anonymous said...

Well, apparently, i-to-i themselves thinks it's unethical since they removed the link from their website immediately after the above was posted!

The criticism was never that was getting paid by i-to-i, it was that i-to-i presented it as if it were an "official" or unbiased review.

Who knows, maybe i-to- paid the highest commission.

Inspector Mchammered of the Lard said...

Nice investigative work. Methinks i-to-i didn't relish the thought of a good cucumbering.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. The whole 'Cactus TEFL'thing on the Guardian TEFL website is most disagreeable, especially as the articles are generally very informative. To read all this great stuff and then have this organisation presented as being one with a genuine interest based outside of making itself a load of money is quite disgusting. I shall be spreading the word.

I'm in the process of setting up an Ethical ELT blog, although there's little content at present. I'll keep you informed.


Oh, and by the way, keep up the Sperling bashing!

Anonymous said...

Sperling has even stooped so low as to delete entries from forums on 'ESLcafe' that cast aspersions on that parasitic twat-flap Paul Lowe.Check out the 'Dave Sperling is a Wanker'article on Sandy Mcmanus's Tefltrade site.
Dead Cat