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Monday, June 04, 2007

TEFL Jobs in Italy

Italian schools on The TEFL Blacklist:

  1. Inlingua Avelino
  2. The Benedict Schools
  3. TEFL Italy
  4. The British Institutes
  5. Berlitz Rome Berlitz Milan
  6. Anderson House Bergamo
  7. The British Schools, Italy




Anonymous said...


I would like to know about the British Schools in Italy but the link doesn't work.

Inspector Mchammered of the Lard said...

Yes it seems to have disappeared into cyberspace. The Inspector will look around for a backup of the article.
In a nutshell however the essence was that some appear to be excellent but some of them are a bit dodgy.

Anonymous said...


How can I find out which schools in Italy are good? (apart from checking to see if they're not on the blacklist)

are there any websites which you would recommend for the jobseeker?


Anonymous said...

I have worked in Italy for 20 years and the British School of isa was the best employer I ever had

I don't understand whythere is this negative comment

Anonymous said...

I'm moving to Lecco to a school called Intflex Slr, any information from an outside source would be very useful.

Anonymous said...

SPEAKEASY in Bologna is definitely a place u want to stay away from. I could write a doctoral thesis on why but I'll just mention the money: 6 EUROS PER HOUR (in one of Italy's most expensive cities)!
On the other hand, if u like sleazy places this one is for u: apart from being called like the illegal alcohol joints during prohibition, while I was there, the owner, in order to optimise his investment, used the premises for two activities: school of languages by day and BROTHEL BY NIGHT (he used to hunt for Eastern Europeans prostitutes at night and convince them to come by day to take Italian classes and by night to ply their trade; if u think I'm joking feel free to go and see for yourself).

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm not sure exactly how this works, but I just want to warn anyone coming to Bologna NOT to work for Michela Baldini!!! She will rip you off in anyway she can. Just to give you an idea, you do ALL the work and she'll take at least 3/4 of the pay. Materials? She'll get free books and give you illegal fotocopies. Keep away.