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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

TEFL jobs in Thailand

The following posting has just been made on the "Nominate a School" section. Anyone thinking of doing a TEFL course in Thailand would be well advised to take note. The Inspector can't vouch for its authenticity as his Thai is a little rusty of late.

So read on......................

"Please be aware that there is a dangerous situation developing in Thailand based TEFL training schools.

The Thai Immigration are getting hot on catching teachers working without the correct paperwork, a legal teacher needs a Work Permit and a Teachers Licence which is granted to teachers with accredited degrees only.

However two TEFL training schools, amongst many, are neglecting to tell prospective trainees this essential fact. One other TEFL school told me it is possible to work as they arrange the work but that it is lower paid for one year and maybe, just maybe, they may get a work permit.. Is mine a bloater?.

Examples of con-trickery.

Text and Talk actually point out to trainees without a degree that they can go and get a "life degree" from three Degree Mills.

Next is UEC / TEFL Institute and I quote from

"Do I need to have a university degree to teach in Thailand?
The short answer is no, as it depends on where you want to teach. There are hundreds if not thousands of English language teachers in Thailand who are good teachers of English as a foreign language, and who teach in language schools, corporations, English language tutoring centers, and regular schools."

The Thai authorities have clear rules on teachers and these TEFL training schools are only after money whatever they profess, as many TEFL students believe the web site statements only to find out the reality.

Anyone who is considering teaching in Thailand must consider taking a degree first from an accredited Uni., and do not be conned by UEC or Text and Talk or any of the others.

The Bangkok Hilton is still open and has many vacancies."

There's an intersting posting about TEFL International who operate in Thailand at TEFL International

Inspector McHammered of the Lard in Val Ferret, Switzerland

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

To all teachers:Please avoid Tharnpanya School in Bangkok.Warawut,The Director there,lies from the interview date,till the day you quit.They can't get a Teacher's License,Work permit or even extend your NON-B Visa,even if you have a PHD!They deduct income tax from illegal teachers,to pocket the money.The Thai teachers there,hate foreigners,specially a woman called 'Sujee' will always have a plan to get you fired.The problem there,is that those people are wolves in Sheep's skin.The first thing you should do is to see the foreign teachers' work permits,with your own eyes.If you tell Warawut about all theses,he will say:'Who told you that?'Then just say:Show the work permits of your Tharnpanya foreign teachers,then I tell you who!Be careful,there are different schools on the same land there,but avoid Tharnparnya EP program. When you teach there,you are on your own.Sometimes you have to wait for copies for more than 3 weeks.You will not have books for most subjects,They throw in a bunch of big books,that no Thai student will understand,cause the level is too high.They just leave you with some stuff.No copy machines,nobody cares about anything,till something goes wrong,or your visa expires!Those would be good reasons for them to see you loose your job!They don't care about foreign teachers.They just make them quit or fire them and hire another bunch of teachers the next semester.
Check blacklisted schools in Thailand,before you apply to any school.Good luck.