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Sunday, February 18, 2007

TEFL Italy ESL Jobs in Italy

The Mad Hatter's Tea (T for TEFL) Party
A country of contrasts. From Potenza to Pasta and Milan to Mafia. It's dangerous to generalise, but the Italians can be the most charming people you have ever met and at the same time the most devious. Girls do take warning, the Inspector has heard of randy Italians so desperate for a quick fix that they have been know to lie down and look up your skirts! Amazing but true.

Even back in Roman times you could see sophistication and savagery together in the same society. The porn paintings in the brothels in Pompei take some beating.....

 they just throw the TEFL teachers to the lions.

Expect to be a bit schizo when it comes to teaching English in Italy. You'll meet some wonderful people, but the whole country can be a bit like the Mad Hatter's Tea Party or should I say TEFL Party.

I'll be returning to this posting a lot over the next few days. Just to link everything together for starters here's a list of schools in Italy to avoid:

British Institutes Italy
The British Schools Italy
Anderson House, Bergamo
Inlingua Naples
Angloschool, Potenza

Update March 4 2007
Living languages, Reggio di Calabria, Italy
Inlingua Avellino

Unless, that is, your a masochist!

Click here to see a model Italian lesson.

Inspector McHammered of the Lard


Anonymous said...

Do they still have the 'Ponte di Teti' (Bridge of Tits) there in those parts? If so, it could explain why so many loser Teflers feel attracted to Italy. Never been there myself, mind...

Anonymous said...

Inlingua Avellino was my first TEFL job and what a way to start your career. Anyone who has worked there will understand. Block hours don´t exist. You´re not paid for student cancellations and considering most classes are one-to-one...if might take you a while to actually get paid anything. The bosses are intimidating, unapproachable, manipulative and in a nutshell, mentally unstable. Don´t rub them up the wrong way or you´re in trouble.

Anonymous said...

Erm... that would be "Ponte di Tette", if it was really a "bridge of tits", or "tetti", if it was to be a bridge of rooves.