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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Ukhelp4U, Swindon England

Posted on the "nominate a school for blacklisting" section. Be warned.


UKhelp4U Ltd is now trading as Ukhelp4U Academy of English Language.

It owes several teachers a lot of money and changed its name in order to benefit from a loophole in the Insolvency Act.

Ukhelp4U Ltd is in the hands of the official receiver and it is less than clear what any of the creditors may be able to recover. Ukhelp4U has four County Court Judgements against it and there is other legal action that has successfully been taken against it.

If you are thinking of taking a job with this company, don't. The likelihood of your getting any pay at all is extremely unlikely.

The British Council have so far failed to remove the school's accreditation, though it is hoped that they will do this in due course."

This is how they describe themselves:

UKhelp4u Academy of English Language Ltd
UKhelp4 is a small, friendly and modern language school situated in the centre of Swindon, an hour west of London by train. We offer flexible, General English courses incorporating exam preparation. We also offer ESOL courses, and one-to-one tutorials and are looking to introduce IELTS preparation courses in the coming 4 months. We have learners from a variety of countries including from the EU, Brazil, Colombia, Japan, Turkey, and many more. We look forward to helping you to improve your English soon.
Contact: Monika Bystrzycka
Cheltenham House
1st Floor
45 Regent Street
Telephone: +44 (0) 1793 610180

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