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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Inlingua Paris

Very much an organisation to avoid. One little scam they operate is to force you to learn their useless method, which in The Inspector's opinion has less value than parrot droppings.
If you decide you want to leave during your contract they make you pay for your so called training and deduct a hefty sum from your salary.
Sharp practice from a Great White, or rather, Black Shark.

Smooth talking businessmen in flash suits, snotty receptionists and admin staff. All that glitters here is definitely not gold. Don't go near them or you'll lose an arm and a leg!

Want to see Paris? See it on vacation not with this bunch of shysters. They are always advertising. It doesn't take a degree in rocket science to work out why.

The Inspector will return to the theme of franchising often. It's a racket, even operated by the Mother Theresa of language schools, International House. Another rogue outfit, hiding behind slick marketing, is of course Wall Street Institute whose franchisees have gone bankrupt again and again only to reappear like phoenix from the ashes with a new company fronting the name who naturally disown the debt of the previous lame duck. The franchisee pays megabucks for the right to use the name, other than that they pay lip service to the owner of the franchise.

Inlingua Paris can be found at the following addresses:

Inlingua Paris la Défense
CNIT Center
2, Place de la Défense
F-92053 Paris la Défense

Inlingua Paris La Plaine Saint Denis
ZAC des Cornillons
11, rue des Gazométres
F-93210 Saint Denis La Plaine

Inlingua Paris Levallois Perret
22-24, rue du Président Wilson
F-92300 Levallois Perret

Inlingua Paris Rive Gauche
109, rue de l'Université
F-75007 Paris

Inlingua Paris Roissy
Batiment Le Gaugin - Paris Nord 2
47 Allée des Impressionnistes, BP 50408 Villepinte
F-95944 Roissy Charles de Gaulle cedex

Inlingua Paris Versailles
3, rue du Maréchal de Lattre de Tassigny
F-78150 Le Chesnay

Here's a list of all the other Inlinguas in France. Remember they are all owned by different people but are all probably tarred with the same brush. Ask questions before signing anything. If you don't get clear unambiguous answers get that barge pole out.

Here are the other Inlingua centres in France. Message to all Inlingua owners - I personally think that your organisation sucks. If any of you charming bunch of businessmen, who pretend that you are experts in language teaching, think that you have been unfairly tarred and targeted, The Inspector would like to hear from you. However please don't bother sending me the usual threats to break my legs or sue me. How sad that The Inspector sees through your slick marketing and thinks that your organisation is rotten to the core, but life's a bitch.

Inlingua Aix-en-Provence
Hemiris Bât A
115, rue Claude Nicolas Ledoux
F-13854 Aix-en-Provence/CX03

Inlingua Amiens
Rue des Jacobins
F-80000 Amiens

Inlingua Arcachon
Villa Tosca
11 boulevard du Général Leclerc
F-33120 Arcachon

Inlingua Belfort
ZAC de la Justice
rue Gustave Lang
F-90000 Belfort

Inlingua Besançon
MBR Services, Le Master's 21
Espace Valentin
F-25048 Besançon Cédex

Inlingua Bordeaux-Mérignac
Parc d'activité Kennedy
5 rue Henri Becquerel, Batiment F RC
F-33700 Bordeaux-Mérignac

Inlingua Boulogne sur Mer
1, blvd. de la Liane
F-62200 Boulogne sur Mer

Inlingua Caen
Parc d'Activités de la
10, rue Colonel Rémy, Bt.M18
F-14000 Caen

Inlingua Chalon Sur Saône
75 Grande Rue St Côme
F-71100 Chalon Sur Saône

Inlingua Clermont Ferrand
18, allée Evariste Galois
F-63170 Aubière

Inlingua Colmar
MBR Services Colmar
4, rue de la Houblonnière
F-68000 Colmar

Inlingua Compiègne
Les Tertiales Bât. A
ZAC de Mercières 1
F-60200 Compiègne
Tel: +33 3 44 97 05 05
Fax: +33 3 44 97 05 06

Inlingua Dijon
8, allée A. Bourland / BP 176
F-21005 Dijon Cedex

Inlingua Dunkerque
16, rue Georges Clémenceau
F-59760 Grande Synthe

Inlingua Epinal
7 bis, avenue de la Loge Blanche
F-88000 Epinal

Inlingua Evreux
13, rue de la Mairie
F-27000 Evreux

Inlingua Inlingua Haguenau
44, blvd. de Lattre de Tassigny
F-67500 Haguenau

Inlingua Hazebrouck
41, avenue du Maréchal Delattre de Tassigny
F-59190 Hazebrouck

Inlingua La Rochelle
Z.A les Minimes
6 Rue d'Artimon
F-17000 La Rochelle

Inlingua Le Havre
16, rue Pierre Brossolette
F-76600 Le Havre

Inlingua Lens
Ecoparc du Bord des Eaux
Boulevard F. de Magellan
F-62100 Hénin-Beaumont

Inlingua Lille
12 rue de Cannes, 3e étage
F-59000 Lille

Inlingua Lyon
74, rue de Bonnel
F-69003 Lyon

Inlingua Lyon Chassieu
20, avenue des Frères Montgolfier
F-69680 Chassieu

Inlingua Marcq-En-Baroeul
Château Rouge, BP 5051
278, Avenue de la Marne
F-59705 Marcq-En-Baroeul

Inlingua Marseille
33 Boulevard de la Liberté
F-13001 Marseille

Inlingua Metz
Espace Serpenoise
19, en Nouvellerue
F-57000 Metz

Inlingua Mulhouse
MBR Services Mulhouse
65, rue Jean Monnet
F-68200 Mulhouse

Inlingua Nancy
10, rue Mazagran
F-54000 Nancy

Inlingua Nantes
CAP OUEST Sat du Perray
2 bis rue Robert Le Ricolais
F-44300 Nantes cedex 04

Inlingua Orléans
2, rue de Patay
F-45000 Orléans

Inlingua Pau
86 Boulevard de la Paix
F-64000 Pau

Inlingua Rouen
8, rue Jean Rostand, BP 156
F-76144 Le Petit Quevilly CX

Inlingua Saint Jean-de-Luz
Espace Olano P.A. Jalday
F-64500 Saint Jean-de-Luz

Inlingua Saverne
Parc d'Activité La Licorne
10 rue d'Otterswiller
F-67700 Saverne

Inlingua Strasbourg
8, rue Hannong
F-67380 Lingolsheim

Inlingua Toulouse
Technoparc Basso Cambo
13, rue Paulin Talabot
F-31100 Toulouse

Inlingua Tours
Centre d'Affaires Axe
8, rue Honoré de Balzac
F-37000 Tours

Inlingua Valenciennes
Parc d'Activités de l'Aérodrome Ouest
rue Louis Duvant
F-59328 Valenciennes cedex

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