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Friday, April 20, 2007

Cactus TEFL (still up to their old tricks)

Yes they are still doing it. The Guardian are promoting Cactus TEFL as a holier than thou place to seek impartial advice. I can't believe that money isn't changing hands.

It's based, as told in the Cactus TEFL posting, on paid advertising dressed up as informed journalism and a knowledge of how search engine optimisation (known as SEO) works. The Inspector's best guess is that Richard Bradford of Cactus TEFL is behind this deceit and he is also probably the Mr Anonymous writing all that propaganda crap in defence of International House, for whom Cactus TEFL acts as agents.

This is what he had to say about International House London:
"IH is a quality organisation and always has been, with IH London always packed with happy students and happy teachers"
For someone who professes not to have any links with IH isn't that way over the top (unless that is you're being paid a commission)
This is what you can see still on The Guardian's TEFL news page:

Living the dream
Moving abroad to teach English is an exciting prospect,
but you need to do your planning properly, says Jenny Johnson
…………….Taking a Tefl qualification is one of the first things to find out about as there are not many destinations left these days where unqualified teachers walk into jobs with no training. In any case, it is preferable to have some idea about what you are doing before you walk in to face your first classroom of eager students.

If you surf the web for organisations providing Tefl courses, you will find literally pages and pages of search results. If this is too bewildering, you can save yourself a lot of time and possibly an expensive mistake by going straight to an advisory service such as Cactus TEFL, which will help you find a suitable course.

………………..Jenny Johnson is head of Cactus TEFL

There is naturally a hyperlink to the Cactus TEFL site which is why they have such good web rankings. No more no less. Do NOT be fooled into believing their claptrap.


They make a commission on each course they sell but come over as some kind of free impartial advice service, just the sort of slick marketing one might fall for - hook line and sinker!

This kind of hidden publicity, which should be clearly labelled as such makes me sick.

Richard Bradford should be ashamed of himself. Label such bullshit as advertising and at least show some integrity. Oh and while we're on the subject stop sending The Inspector threatening abusive messages.

I am so totally ********* off by some of the anonymous things I've been getting lately that I feel a "Richard Bradford" posting coming on (says he wiping his brow). Who the hell are you, Richard? I think a little bit of research about your past would be a worthwhile exercise. It'll certainly be good therapy for The Inspector whose dicky ticker has been playing up lately during these worrying few months he has spent on the run from Lady Florence McHammered.

I've just about had enough of Val Ferret and cloud cuckoo land. Time to press on with the round the world trip methinks.

Inspector McHammered of the Lard in Val Ferret, Switzerland