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Friday, February 02, 2007

Windsor TEFL Courses

Paul Lowe, the owner of Windsor TEFL Courses seems to have incurred the wrath of a number of people who have nominated Windsor for a TEFL Blacklisting. Your devoted Inspector, as always, has responded to your reasonable requests and named and shamed the organisation.

Let's all find out the depths to which Paul "Lowe" can sink. As demonstrated with Cicero, a reasonable defence, will result in the plug being pulled but, oh dear you do seem to have made a lot of enemies Mr. Lowe. The Inspector and his readers look forward to hearing from you before the thread becomes unstoppable. The comments originally posted on the "Nominations" page have been removed and reposted here.

P.S. I'm afraid dear old Grandad couldn't restrain himself and clicked on Sandy's link before I could stop him! Would you believe it he keeled right over in shock, fell heavily backwards and did himself a mischief on the poker which was pointing sharp end up by the fireplace. The Paramedics had to be called. They tried everything to bring him round and even tried mouth to mouth until we had a nasty incident involving his false teeth and the cat.
Finally we tried the TEFL equivalent of Epsom Salts. We flashed him a photo of Paul Lowe and he immediately sat bolt upright and he settled down with a 15 year old single malt fermented yaks milk in one hand, a packet of cheese and onion crisps in the other and a very grumpy look on his face which had gone a worrying shade of purple.
The official diagnosis is severe TEFL trauma and although he's starting to recover from the deep shock he received, I have to say that he has disturbingly just started oiling his samurai sword (which was his retirement present from Honda UK). Granny is very upset as her pussy has bolted out of the house with its hair standing on end and the old boy has had the cheek to ask the wife to book a cheap day return to Windsor for Monday.
He claims he wants to visit Windsor Castle but I have my doubts.
I'd better keep the address of Windsor TEFL from him just in case.


Inspector McHammered of the Lard

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Cicero R.I.P

The plug has been pulled on Cicero. Those of the Inspector's regular readers will know the story so buried in the deepest and darkest reaches of the TEFL Blacklist is a corner for you to pay your respects to Cicero.

Inspector McHammered of the Lard