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Friday, February 02, 2007

Windsor TEFL Courses

Paul Lowe, the owner of Windsor TEFL Courses seems to have incurred the wrath of a number of people who have nominated Windsor for a TEFL Blacklisting. Your devoted Inspector, as always, has responded to your reasonable requests and named and shamed the organisation.

Let's all find out the depths to which Paul "Lowe" can sink. As demonstrated with Cicero, a reasonable defence, will result in the plug being pulled but, oh dear you do seem to have made a lot of enemies Mr. Lowe. The Inspector and his readers look forward to hearing from you before the thread becomes unstoppable. The comments originally posted on the "Nominations" page have been removed and reposted here.

P.S. I'm afraid dear old Grandad couldn't restrain himself and clicked on Sandy's link before I could stop him! Would you believe it he keeled right over in shock, fell heavily backwards and did himself a mischief on the poker which was pointing sharp end up by the fireplace. The Paramedics had to be called. They tried everything to bring him round and even tried mouth to mouth until we had a nasty incident involving his false teeth and the cat.
Finally we tried the TEFL equivalent of Epsom Salts. We flashed him a photo of Paul Lowe and he immediately sat bolt upright and he settled down with a 15 year old single malt fermented yaks milk in one hand, a packet of cheese and onion crisps in the other and a very grumpy look on his face which had gone a worrying shade of purple.
The official diagnosis is severe TEFL trauma and although he's starting to recover from the deep shock he received, I have to say that he has disturbingly just started oiling his samurai sword (which was his retirement present from Honda UK). Granny is very upset as her pussy has bolted out of the house with its hair standing on end and the old boy has had the cheek to ask the wife to book a cheap day return to Windsor for Monday.
He claims he wants to visit Windsor Castle but I have my doubts.
I'd better keep the address of Windsor TEFL from him just in case.


Inspector McHammered of the Lard

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Anonymous said...

The following comment was made on Sandy's blog and was copied on St Dave's:

Dear Sandy I was shown your blog by a friend and I have to say that you were extremely perceptive to pick up on the true nature of Paul Lowe and Windsor TEFL. I have to say, reluctantly, that it took me over a year as one of the said trainers to fully accept the extent of his snake-oil salesmanship, as you call it.

In the list of dodgy TEFL schools I've worked for, this one takes the biscuit - and I've seen some awful places. It is the policy of Windsor Schools to not pay anyone that it can get away with not paying. That goes not just for employees, but rent, phone bills, photocopy hire, you name it. They move every 18 months or so to new premises, as the eviction order is served, like a parasite moving on to its next host.

I had to leave in the end after waiting hopefully for wages late by two months, being told wishfully "we're just sailing around the corner", angrily "don't give me the violin strings", and helpfully "why don't you get out a bank loan if you need the money so much?"

Advice to trainee or trainer alike: leave well alone. I cannot comment more as negotiations are still under way months after my leaving.

You should be able to find the site, and some more stuff about Windsor, right here.

Anonymous said...

Jamieson said...

Yes, Inspector - you wanna get on to that Windsor outfit and the extremely unctious Paul Lowe, a man who has the most appropriate of names.

I reckon Sandy'll be doing a spread on him soon. Might be a good idea for you to turn the spotlight on him too - and watch that cockroach scuttle!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice 'itler 'tache.

Anonymous said...

In late december,2006/january,2007,i saw this despicable piece of equine excreta scooting around the Centrepoint end of Oxford St.Helooked rather nervous...

Anonymous said...

I hear that Windsor is no longer an official Trinity centre - though their website still claims it is. Does anyone know for certain?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I and my associates need to know this 100%. What ferreting I and my baronial cohorts in the bowels of west london can do, we'll add to any blacklist website...funnily enough, the arse-pipe class convenor at Windsor London,said HE passed people (for TEFL courses*) NOT the Moderator...if this is correct then...Gwen Stefani's arse, these buggers are guilty of fraud...ah-ha..never say you're ex-services in a private TEFL school. If I'm right, I scared the righteous excrement out of them...

Inspector Mchammered of the Lard said...

Sounds to the inspector as if the SAS are after Paul Lowe. It sounds like a bad night in Baghdad! Scotland Lard might have to be called when the Inspector returns from the Dutch Alps!

Anonymous said...

Mr.Blacklister-check Sandy's website...confirmation that Trinity have withdrawn moderation from Windsor Schools.I would never,ever lay claim to being in the SAS but i did [and occasionally] do work in surveillance...Bad night in Baghdad?Nah...bad night in London for those charlatans,dacoits,Spitzbuben and tuts.

Anonymous said...

Nah...SAS be damned,i was in the surveillance line...i was rather dubious about the fact that certain people in a Windsor tefl centre kept on enquiring about me being a plod/former plod when i assured them that i was not.With the hindsight of the various Windsor blogs dating from Jan 2007,i suspect that the centre's senior staff member was worried that the proverbial wool couldn't be pulled over my eyes.

Anonymous said...

Here is something interesting to add to the Savvy 'Stumblings of...' blog as alluded to by various people.Windsor employment practices are dodgy as hell.The arsehole class convenor at the london centre for Windsor Schools was internally promoted and u can view his cert tesol at http// go to Windsor Schools web-site.'All our teacher trainers are diploma or ma-qualified...'


Anonymous said...

All this is very interesting I am one of the poor trainees who are at this very moment are supposed to be half way through our trinity tesol at Windsor Schools...except this morning we found out its isn't Trinity!!!

As you can imagine we are gutted! WIll keep you informed me thinks!

Inspector Mchammered of the Lard said...

The Inspector extends his deepest sympathies. Do spread the word to your colleagues, as we'd like to hear their comments. That is precisely why this blog exists!
I can get a bulk discount for cucumbers, if needed (reference the next post " The Inspector finally departs").

Anonymous said...

Hi Guess what??? I took Paul Lowes outfit to court for Misrepresentation of facts, breach of contract and intent to deceive. He took money off me and changed venue for course from windsor to london last minute, promised to pay travel and did not till date....To top it all......I lost. The judged thought paul is a darling!! so much for justice. I am being asked to pay for his airfare from Spain to uk....RRRRRGH!!. He must be sharing the cucumber.

Anonymous said...

sorry......change of judgement. Court has awarded me 350 pounds from windsor schools. Paul low lost the case. He has to cough up in 4 days. Now that will hurt his ego....he....he.... The fool should have paid my bus fare and all would have been well...........Have you heard? Pride goeth before the fall.!

Anonymous said...


I am an unlucky victim of Paul Lowe.

Basically I am in process of doing small claim court. I guess he wont pay.

He cancelled the course at last minute and then one of his employees said i could go to London. HE said he would transfer funds and didnt. NOw he wont give me my money back.

I cant believe he can sleep at night. NOw i cant get through to him via the telephone or email.

Does anyone know the name of pl's company is it windsor tefl? Or do i make the claim directly to Paul Lowe for the claim? PLease someone help me.

My email is

victim said...

Paul Lowe, Ashley Arnold and Robert Weeks of Windsor Schools are scams and cons and the whole world should know that... I am surprised they have not ended up in prison yet... They have hurt me and several other people out there and justice will be done now that we are making our voices heard...

Anonymous said...

Robert Weeks...In September 2006,he left Windsor Schools.Said he was being 'put out to grass.'I wonder where the nasty little shit ended up? A liar,a racist and a bully without the guts to show himself. I went looking for him once. I suspect that he is glad that i didn't find him.Arrogant people are often easily framed or set up.A man of the same stamp as Simon 'i haven't had a girlfriend in two years' Green who took over as 'Class Conman'/'Class Convenor.
Funny that Paul Lowe employs those of the same stamp as himself:bullying,obnoxious,sexually-perverted and cowardly bastards.
Yours interestedly,William Frederickson.

Anonymous said...

I studied for my TEFL at Windsor Schools a few years ago now and found them fine. I've certainly not had any problems getting jobs around the world on the back of it ! Just goes to show that people have different experiences within the same environment. - I guess those with the worst experiences tend to shout loudest ?

Anyone else with any good comments to make about Windsor TEFL ?

There must be some ?

Anonymous said...

Not unless Paul Lowe pays them hard cash methinks! Or Windsor TEFL employees get threatened with redundancy if they don't make nice comments.Anonymous,you were probably female and Christian to have been treated properly-or joined in any bullying or back-biting that was encouraged or led by various scum-bag employees.I rest my case.And be damned to you! William Frederickson.

Anonymous said...

That Paul Lowe seeks to suppress information regarding his shit-pot school when circumlocution fails speaks volumes.Similarly the silence of Simon Groin and Robert Wanks...sorry!Robert Weeks does too.It's as plain as the blackheads probably are on Amy Winehouse's naked arse.
Quod Erat Demonstrandum. William Frederickson

Anonymous said...

I think you'll find the odious Paul Lowe up to his old tricks here:

You'll also find my website, dedicated to the appreciation of this fine Tefl entrepreneur, right here:


Anonymous said...

I was a foreign student studying as a trainee at the London campus 2 years back. There were arrangements made for my an incredibly dodgy neighborhood with a very unwelcoming family (I don't have unrealistic standards but mind you, I heard gunshots at night). I left after 2 weeks and found a flat elsewhere. When I asked for half of my housing money back I was assured that of course I would get it back-I still have not.
Also, my class was constantly behind in training due to a lack of administrative staff and organisation. I offered my services as I needed a part time job and was offered a part time admin position, of which they STILL (after 2 years) owe me 475 pounds. Granted, I was an illegal foreign employee, but I worked incredibly hard to facilitate a smooth class term for the trainees and make right was I thought was a simple lack of communication between students, trainees, trainers, Trinity, and Paul Lowe/Ashely Arnold.
I was expected to keep quiet about Trinity revoking their certification and the move of the school (1 WEEK before finishing classes). My money (which again I never received) was held in front of me like a carrot so that I would choose to not let on. There's not a chance in hell I'll ever receive my money, but I hope he can never work in the TEFL world again.

The TEFL Tradesman said...

Dear anonymous above,

Thanks a million for popping up and putting your side of the story. I'd heard of your particular case, but it's great to get the full info from 'the horse's mouth, so to speak.

Please get in touch with me soon, as I'd very much like to get some more details of your adventure with the Windsor Swindler. You can e-mail me your address on: , and I'll get back to you a.s.a.p.



Anonymous said...

Mr.Mchammered-i can get a bulk discount on bitter gourds in my local vegetable emporium.Imagine a spiky cucumber and you have the general idea...Instead of the saying 'one man,one vote'-'one pissed off tefl-er,one spiny cucumber!'
If anyone can suggest a courier firm to mail em to Paul Lowe at a keen discount then i will be grateful.
William 'A fellow gave me a law book to wipe my arse on but i read it instead' Frederickson

Anonymous said...

Keep an eye on my Windsor Swindler blog for more revelations regarding the Berkshire Bullshitter.

The most alarming thing is that all of these bizarre stories about Paul Lowe are ... absolutely true!!