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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Only Brits Need Apply?

Posted on the "nominate a school for blacklisting section" and continuing a similar theme that was posted a while ago. I've posted it here in the spirit of free speech, but go easy with the rotten tomatoes. The spelling/grammatical errors undermine the argument somewhat. Typos are one thing, but all too often The Inspector's eyebrows are raised by bad spelling, which from teachers of English, posting on the TEFL Blacklist is a tad rich.

For the record, The Inspector does not believe that native speakers should be placed on a pedestal. Non native speakers can do just as good a job, especially if you don't believe in the sanctity of the communicative method. The issue of work permits and visas is hardly the fault of language schools. Employing exclusively native speakers is however another matter.

"Does anyone believe that a E.U. sponsored monopoly is begınnıng to take hold on the ESL industry? More and more jobs are statıng, ''British speaker wanted,'' or ''Only E.U. citizens may apply''. I personally believe all schools should have a corporate policy against non-dıscrimination based on natıonality for ESL and should pressure centers to accept natıve speakers from non-E.U. countrıes. For example, what give British citizens a majority hold over a country such as Romania. My family left Romania in 1947 because of the Communists, and I am told that because I am not an E.U. citizen I cannot apply. Personally, despıte beıng a certified instructor, I am consıstently turned down for jobs because the Eastern European centers are unwılling to sponsor a vısa or they say that the requırements are ımpossıble to meet for US citizens. The other common response is ''part-time'' or ''freelance'' which is easily translatable as - no visa support, no health insurance, no housing, no teacher permit, thus no legality. These gray areas of national law can easily cause an inexperienced teacher to be deported or detained. I have personally witnessed this situation take place on more than one occasion. A manager can act as though these really arent a concern, but they should be of grave concern to any illegal worker in any industry. What any company is doing with this type of structure is not attract professional teachers, but persons who may be in the country under special circumstances, i.e. married to a resident, university student, etc. I don't believe this situation adds value to the corporation, instead it detracts from what is important - retaining qualified and interested individuals. One of the reasons why ESL seems to attract the ''backpackers''. Why should British citizens be the only nationality sanctioned to teach English in the E.U.?"
Inspector McHammered of the Lard in Pamplona, Spain

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