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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sandy McManus Needs You

Sandy McManus, seems to be under attack from some nutter intent on mischief making. Your beloved sleuth is often the recipient of threats of an unseemly nature and feels that any attack on Sandy is an attack on himself. Tis true that Sandy doesn't take prisoners, but then one might well argue , why should he?

The TEFL industry is riddled with charlatans that need exposing and thank goodness there are ways for teachers to warn others of unscrupulous employers.

This is what Sandy has to say:

"WARNING!! Nutter on the Loose!

Look out!! There's a right dickhead over there in France (IP 213.41.241.# - Nerim) who thinks he's got me rumbled. Fortunately, for me anyway, he's barking up the wrong palm tree. However, in order to protect the innocent party that is persistently being named as the REAL Sandy McAnus, I've temporarily switched off the comments section for all blog postings.

If you really want to contact me (no, not you, Mr Dickhead in France), e-mail me on Or you can slag off Monsieur Tete de Coq over on...

I reckon he'll be needing a lawyer soon, once David K. gets wind of what he's up to.

BTW, what IS the French for dick?"

I am sure that Sandy would agree with me that the bugger needs seeing off and a few well chosen messages to that effect posted on his site might just be what the doctor ordered.
Inspector McHammered of the Lard in Pamplona, Spain
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