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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Headmaster's Study

Once upon a time, in the Land of the Rising Bum, there lived a flatulent frog. He liked nothing better than to boast a bit about how nice he was, but really he was a bit of a bully boss who had the amazing ability to speak through his bottom.

If this naughty frog ever dares threaten Inspector McHammered of the Lard again, the magical thread woven on the web about his expoits (and now safely archived) and telling all sorts of tales about him will instantly reappear with a quick wave of my wand and I'll have no option but to cane him in front of the whole school.

Be warned and keep well away from The Tefl Blacklist Monsieur/Mr. Jean-Guy and keep out of trouble in Japan .

Stick to watching your Black Adder videos, it's safer.

Sandy has been forced into early retirement and has absolutely NO control over this blog. I will however immediately and without warning repost the entire thread (you blackmailed him into removing) about your school, if I ever hear from (or about) you again.

P.S. The thread for the moment is still in Google's cache so if you do a google search for "Jean-Guy Japan" you'll find it in "Cached" at about number 25. The cache will soon enough disappear though and you will be out on parole.

I personally doubt you'll be able to resist annoying me (unfortunately for you "annoying me" includes any attempt to contact me) so I think the chances of the posting reappearing are quite high.

Inspector McHammered of the Lard

Stupid Language School Names

Just a bit of harmless fun about silly names for schools. Einstein where are you? Come back all is forgiven. There are quite a few language school owners who should have taken advice on what is regarded as a funny, daft, stupid or simply downright ridiculous name for their school. I'd take a good second look at any school that had a silly name. For starters and in no particular order of stupidity we have this month on Saint Sperling's money machine:
  1. Cactus TEFL (for silly pricks?)
  2. British Hills, Fukishima Japan (you may well need to head for them - the hills that is)
  3. Native Tongue, Ibague Colombia (perhaps a local delicacy)
  4. Sunflower Language School, Taiwan (perhaps the owner's a bit slippery)
  5. Reach To Teach, Taiwan (unable to reach the owner on pay day?)
  6. Face to Face English, (er not exactly as they are looking for online teachers so it'll be more like Screen to Screen)
  7. Apollo Education and Training, (IH) Vietnam (because so many teachers get the rocket)
  8. Jump Start Language School, (because the school car is always breaking down)
  9. DD Dragon English School, Taiwan (the boss is a bit fiercesome)
  10. Canterbury English, Madrid Spain (that's a new accent on me. What's wrong with Essex English or Chav's English. Ain't good ennuf for yer?)
  11. Wing Inc. Chiba Japan (you may well need to do a runner)
  12. Safe Passage, Guatemala City Guatemala (you may need a bit of protection)
  13. Spring Pond Cultural Group, Taipei County, Taiwan (English for scuba divers after all you never know when you'll need it underwater)
  14. EF Bogor, Indonesia (reminds me of Thomas Crapper who apparently invented the bog. It does have a certain ring to it)
  15. ABC PLUS, Nagoya, Japan (for remedial businessmen). Perhaps the Headmaster can help out (whoops, was told not to mention the Headmaster or Sandy will get a right good spanking)

That's just for starters. I'm sure Sandy would agree that a prize of a litre of fermented Yak's milk should be sent to the winning entry.

Inspector McHammered of the Lard