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Monday, October 06, 2008

The End?

Your noble sleuth has been a bit off colour of late. A tad bilious shall we say. Bad news I am sorry to report. The Inspector is giving serious consideration to closing the TEFL Blacklist down. Security is everything at Scotland Lard and mine has been compromised.
Sandy seems to have been outed and I'm next in line.
If The TEFL Blacklist does disappear suddenly, at least you'll know why. Hopefully someone will see the bugger (probably PL) off but if he gets any closer then I'll just pull the plug in the ineterests of self preservation.
If that happens I would like to thank everyone who has offered their support and has been spared nasty experiences in rotten schools as a result of The TEL Blacklist.
It may not happen but I'm prepared for the worst.
It will be a great shame if it happens.


A. McKaul said...

This is an invaluable service to the ESL community.

I'd volunteer to take it over if you so desire.

Thanks for your good work.


Inspector Mchammered of the Lard said...

Thanks Al.
My exact whereabouts in Pamplona are not yet known but I have to confess the wind has been put up me like a Bombay Biryani by what has happened to Sandy. If it can happen to him then it can happen to anybody.
I fear that one slip and I'll be for the chop. Ernest Hemingway once said in his book A Dangerous Summer, "Pamplona is no place to bring your wife." I wouldn't want Lady Florence McHammered within 100 miles of me let alone Paul Lowe or Bruce.
I may well be OK but it would be a shame if the TEFL Blacklist were to go.
I'd better stockpile some prizewinning cucumbers just in case he pops up.

The TEFL Tradesman said...

Stay firm. Don't wither in the wind - it is, after all, just wind (and we all know whose!). Threats and intimidation are just another variety of lies, after all.

Sandy is alive and kicking, and will make a return in the New Year. E-mail me on if you need more support and information, my dearest Inspector. Anyway, I would like some info about your particular case, so please do get in touch.

You are, after all, a product of myself, and deserve the support of a loving father. I'm here for you, Inspector!

louloute.117 said...

HI inspector mchammered of the lard.

I'm a journalist student and I saw a post you sent in february 2007 about Dorothy Polley. I'm writing an article about her, and I would love to have your point of view on her. Was she good teacher, some anecdotes etc..
If you do so, could you please answer before Friday as my article should be ready for this day.
Thanks a lot,

The Friends of Windsor said...

Don't worry Inspector. We have copied all your blog entries about Paul Lowe, and will be posting them soon.

We hope you do not decide to pull the plug on this wonderful blog, so ... hasta luego (and not adios).

Inspector Mchammered of the Lard said...

I'll crack open a bottle of vintage fermented Yaks milk and toast my comrade in arms SM, whose messages were just what the Inspector needed to hear.
The healing powers of this magical drink are legendary if you're feeling Lowe.
Viva la resistencia

Anonymous said...

I have read this bog with interest as I am looking to do a TEFL course. My question is:- if all these schools are so bad, which ones are good. Lots of advice on what not to do is fine, but doesn't help anyone decide what they should do instead. How about a balanced blog rather than just the negative?

Anonymous said...

Wise decision, Mr Inspector! More power to your elbow, not to mention your investigative eyeball as well!

We all look forward to many more expository postings soon.

Kapitano said...

FWIW, if it wasn't for the TEFL Blacklist, I'd have been a nieve and newly qualified teaching in Moscow under the Wall Street Institute.

So thank you, Inspector, for saving my career. And possibly life.