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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Leeds Language College

The following comment has been left on the 2008 Oscar Results section by the founder of this blog Mr. Sandy McManus esq.

Your noble sleuth can hardly believe it's true.

Please email Adam Priestley of and enlighten him as to where he can stick his "job", preferably accompanied by a prize-winning cucumber.

"Shocking!! Could you accept this dear Inspector, as a late claimant for the title of "Crappiest EFL Job in the UK"? It's enough to move me to start up me old blogging business again!

It's the Leeds Language College, offering no less than 250 quid a week for 30 hours of teaching!! That makes about 8 quid an hour, according to my mental Maths..."


Qualified CELTA teacher required to teach English to foreign students (age18+) of all levels in a lively college in the centre of Leeds. Must be a native English speaker with degree level education. Average six hours daily. Three to nine hours subject to requirements (it is expected that this will give an average six hours daily over the year). Please send CV'S for the attention of Adam Priestley to

Must have CELTA qualifications or equivalent. Degree level educated. Native English speaker.

Guaranteed hours Monday-Friday all year round. Starting salary £12k+ per annum (30 hours per week). Initial contract will be extended to a permanent contract after 6-12 months. Stakeholder pension scheme. Personal training (e.g Delta, PGCE, ESOL) encouraged. 4.8 weeks paid holiday per annum.

Leeds Language College Ltd
Address Provident House
Vicar Lane
Leeds, ls2 7nl - United Kingdom
Telephone 0113 242 7534
Fax 0113 242 7534
Contact person Mr. Adam Priestley, Manager


Anonymous said...

Mmm ... maybe 12,000 quid a year is big money in Leeds?

Anonymous said...

Truly a shit job, indeed. Mr Priestley should be ashamed of himself!

The TEFL Tradesman said...

This shitehole of a shyster's outfit will DEFINITELY be appearing in my new, reinvigoratred Tefl Trade blog, when it reappears, that is. Don't hold your breath, though, will ya.